The Vampire Diaries Sneak Peek: Cheers to Feeding!

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Drink up, Vampire Diaries Fanatics! The CW has released a second sneak peek at this Thursday's "Because the Night."

In this clip, Damon, Rebekah and Elena are enjoying life as blood suckers free to feed and run amok in New York City. There's no Stefan to slow them down, but there are a few shots to get them going.

Watch the trio throw one back and listen to Damon as he explains how this routine relates to his time with Lexi in the 1970s:

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David and sabrina 2014

What a big whoop to see vampires go all crazy with drinking. I don't care about that when there should be a better change instead of all these random things happening in the show. ;P ;P


Who is getting murdered? Damon is hot granted but he is no rapist! Watch all of the seasons no rape is going on. Stefan doesn't have the best moral compass when he is the ripper, Damon body count is way lower than Stefan's. I don't think the writers are trying to make Stefan look bad & Damon good.Neither one is bad or good they're just who they are. Last time I check vampires drink human's not Damon & Elena fault if Stefan is an complete human blood druggie n don't know how to stop before death of innocent human. Caroline need to stop acting like her & her crew didn't come after Klacus plenty of times both sides had major losses for whatever reason the originals aren't evil just misunderstood...I don't even think Sylist is pure evil as of now because I know his reason why & being locked in solitiare confinment couldn't of help with his already deminish mental state after forever losing the love of his life so of course he would find a way to join her...I don't agree with how Sylist is going about things but I understand where he is coming from. These are demon n supernatural beings their moral compass is different from humans as it should be.


i hate the new season. I mean all the writers are focusing on is elena and damon witch i dont like. I think everyone in the cast especially stefan should have better parts in the show.


In the first 2 seasons the core of the show was about vampires that struggled to keep there humanity. But after that they started focusing on pairings only.


Wow. Stefan gets bashed for killing people, Caroline gets bashed for having morals and integrity but when Damon and Elena go wild recklessly, then its okay because its Damon and Elena? Talk about hypocritical, favouritism and bad writing! But it comes as no surprise that Miss Mary-Sue and her hot serial rapist get away with it, just because the writers say so. There is so much wrong with Elenas transformation its unbelievable.
Its like the writers have not the faintest clue what consistancy and character development is!
As for Lexie, i feel sorry for her character. She's been retconned to not only suit the plot, but she once again make Damon look good.
As for Rebekah, get rid of the girl already! Stop shoving her in scenes where she's not needed!


I agree Jordan....why are the murdering characters considered fun? When did this become ok? God forbid Stefan wants to do the right thing. At this point I wish Stefan would just say 'F you' to Damon and Elena and wash his hands of them. If Damon is so sure he knows what to do...then let him be in charge of Elena. See how well that turns out for him. Stefan should have been rid of Elena a long time ago. Even before this bratty phase...she was stabbing him in the back.
I can't wait for Elena to screw Damon over somehow and the Delena fans throw a hissy fit at how awful Elena is.


my thoughts exactly!!


Yeah, I don't get how all the characters who have some morality, constantly get bashed by viewers (Stefan and Bonnie), or neglected by the writers ( Stefan, Tyler). Lately, Damon, Klaus and Rebekkah seem to be the only people the writers are interested in featuring in depth. And now that that Elena is killing people, she's supposedly now fun to watch? I don't get it.


i'm so glad that they're being nice to rebekah. i feel so protective of her. it's nice to see her having fun with friends (even if they aren't really friends)


So let me get this right when Stefan goes on binges and has a bad attitude it's wrong ... we need to save him. When everyone else does it .,, they are being a vamp and having fun. Someone tell Stefan to turn off his Ripper self and have fun since compulsion is that darn easy.

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Stefan: Where is she now?
Damon: Maybe eating a hot dog... vendor.

You wanted to feed? I brought you to a city-sized buffet.


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