The Vampire Diaries Spoiler Pics: The New Elena

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Elena Gilbert may have ditched her humanity. But not her flare for fashion!

While The Vampire Diaries Season 4 returns on March 14 with "Bring It On," The CW has released new photos from the subsequent Thursday installment, "Because the Night."

And they depict a confident, dazzling new Elena, one with pink streaks in her hair and a mischievous smile on her face. Click through the images now and look forward to an episode that will also flash viewers back to Damon (and Lexi!) in 1970s New York...

Elena's New Hair
Colored Hair
The New Elena Gilbert
Elena Gilbert Transformation

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weavy hair just like Katherine, but Katherine dresses better


Elena Gilbert may have ditched her humanity. But not her flare for fashion! HAHAHAHHAHAHAH you guys crack me up! This should be in the next Caption Contest and that should be the quote for it....Srsly, Elena Gilbert is the opposite of fashion.

David and sabrina 2014

The new Elena looks really nice but if she still gives up her humanity,then that shows that no vampire can ever feel like they used to be probably because of saying to forget your past and move on. If her humanity can return besides clearing up all problems and random couple shenanigans,then maybe the show will get better again even though this season will leave a mark throughout all other seasons. ;P =) =|


I hope Elena starts having fun even if its reckless. I still suppose Stefan and Damon will still be overly concerned about Elena and every move she makes. What would be interesting is if Elena got a new love interest for awhile and not bounce between brothers after another "decision".


Her hair looks nice and a zillion times better than her signature flat ironed mousy look. That being said, her style is still boring and the boots with heels make her look like she's trying too hard. Either way she's a pretty girl. Ps I can't believe I'm not remotely excited over the next episode of TV instead I'm sweating over Scandal and dying for the new season of Mad Men. I really wanted TVD to be my new Gossip Girl (before Safran) but alas...


My GOD! This new Elena is looking SEXY! Her fucking hairs are just PERFECT! I want this hair...:)


Bitch needs the Gossip Girl stylist and STAT! Bitch please, Eric Daman is powerless here...Elena's hobo chic style ain't going away just because she got a few curls and dye...Black, purple, jeans and boots with heals - yawn....her accessoiries and make-up STILL SUCK!

Kitanishi h mcdonald

Bitch needs the Gossip Girl stylist and STAT!

Just not the one responsible for the last few seasons of GG where everyone looked like a dead rat with bad hair :P


Love the hair :)

Kitanishi h mcdonald

Dress Bella Swan in a Dress and it still will be Bella Swan. So happy to have left this trainwreck.

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