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I really hope the Governor plot will end with this season. Or at least, the people of Woodbury should realize that the Governor is a total bullshit. I hope both Daryl and Michonne will forgive Rick. Rick needs Daryl in his group!! And I hope Rick's group will survive. They went through a lot this season!
Merle went the heroic way. I don't think Daryl will blame Rick though. Cause he could see that Merle got shot. And I think Daryl would be more angry towards the Governor. Well, I hope so. On another note, the Governor is SO annoying!! Hate him


The question I have is: Will Daryl blame Rick for Merle's death? If Rick had followed through on the Michonne trade, Merle would not have gone out on his own and gotten himself killed. Merle made his own choices, but if Rick hadn't asked for Merle's help, Merle wouldn't have seen this as a chance to prove himself.

One other question: Is Rick's question to Merle ("Do you even understand the decisions you make?") the key to understanding why Merle let Michonne go?


Man, I also wanted Merle to survive.... he was 1 of my favorite characters. by the way when did Daryl let his hair get so out of control ? he looked like an anime version of himself lol

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