The Walking Dead Season Finale Clips: Under Attack

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Following yet another major Walking Dead death, viewers are asking themselves a single question today:

Where could this show possible head on the Season 3 finale?!?

We'll find out Sunday evening, of course, as "Welcome to the Tombs" will feature The Governor and his crew finally attacking the prison. Watch them make a grand, violent entrance in the following sneak peek:

Elsewhere, Carl will think back to life prior to the Apocalypse, remember a time when his family was whole, his father was a police officer and the world seemed quite normal.

Watch that Walking Dead Season 3 finale clip now and then visit TV Fanatic soon after the episode airs for our weekly recap and review:

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Wow jj goode...really subtle advertisement you have there. You almost sound real...pfft DISH is garbage.


I'M GUESSING that as well and the person who opened the door that stupid ALLEN dude from tyrese's group i hope he dies......his kid is dead by MERLE ...TWICE! I'M WONDERING WHERE RICK AND THE GROUP IS GOING SINCE THEY'RE LEAVING THE PRISON.


I have feeling that when they open that door a room of walkers is going to rushing out. A play out Merle's play book.

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