TV Ratings Report: In the Red (Widow)

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Yet another late-season drama premiered to very low numbers last night, as Red Widow drew under seven million viewers for ABC.

Once Upon a Time also fell to a low in the 18-49-year old demographic, while The Good Wife showed signs of improvement...

Red Widow Cast Pic

8 p.m.
The Amazing Race: 9.1 million viewers
Once Upon a Time: 7.2 million
Dateline: 6 million
The Simpsons: 4.7 million/The Cleveland Show: 3.8 million

9 p.m.
The Good Wife: 8.9 million
Celebrity Apprentice: 5 million
Red Widow: 6.9 million
Family Guy rerun: 4.1 million/Bob's Burgers: 3.6 million

10 p.m.
The Mentalist: 9.1 million

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Watched Red Widow last night via on-Demand. Seemed like most of the 2 hours was commercials. For grins, I timed a Red Widow segment and the following commercial segment in last half hour. 7min 35sec vs 4min 15sec. That's 36% of the time devoted to commercials. Getting out of hand.


Go OUAT ! :)


Go Good Wife!


I think that ABC ratings is getting low because of all these breaks and you cannot start a show in the midseason because everybody already figure out which shows they are going to watch and they most likely would not change.


ETA: Shiller appeared just shy of the 1 hour mark (at around 9:55pm).


My roommates and I were genuinely excited for the Red Widow premiere and agreed to give it to the 1 hour mark to catch our interest. Due mainly to the character Shiller we stuck around until about 10:25, at which point we determined that we weren't emotionally invested in a single character and turned it off. The sad thing was that we really wanted to like it. Zero Hour was much more engaging (though I still wasn't particularly invested).


OMG what's happening, Once dropping to 7 millions (and 2.1 rating)! And the Mentalist with only 1.5 in the demo... That sounds like bad news for these shows.


Words getting around. Everyone I talked to today liked it - so I'll be watching next week.