Two and a Half Men Review: Feeling Lonely

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After a brief break, Two and a Half Men returned tonight with an all-too familiar storyline.

Over the 10 seasons that Alan has resided in the beach house, he has been called a leech and a house guest who has severely over-stayed his welcome - and Alan agrees with this classification. Hell, he even embraces it.

Alan's New Home

However, one thing that is not taken into account is how much his absence affects the owner of the house, be it his dead brother or new home owner, Walden. Over the course of him living in the residence, he has become a stable fixture, someone you can’t stand, but at the same time can’t live without.

In Walden’s case, Alan has been there all the way through. He even stopped him for running into the ocean when Bridget left him. Through the revolving door that is Walden’s life, many people have walked through, but there has been one constant: Alan.

Only married couples fight over something as trivial as a toaster, which just goes to show how close those two have become over time.  I did not expect Alan to leave; he always threatens, but those threats come up empty. I wasn't alone in thinking that, either, as even his son did not believe it. Berta, however, was so happy that she began to cry.

Between Herb and Walden, it's pretty evident that they are both lonely and desperate, that they could be fighting for Alan’s companionship.

Overall, "The 9.04 From Pemberton" was a pretty funny episode, yet one with a very familiar storyline that could have only ended one way: Alan going back to the beach house.

What did you think of this latest installment? Hit the comments, and as usual, do not forget to check out the Two and a Half Men quotes section for some of tonight’s funniest lines.


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I just can't swallow the show with kutcher. Fortunately they limit his parts and dialogue. i would not be the least bit sad if they killed him off and left the empty space. It would alleviate the other qualified actors/actresses from carrying his humorless dead weight... i would watch that episode...


seen that before, time to shoot this one in the head, it's done!


alan has become such an idiot... this makes no sense... him and walden every other episode profess their love for each other... and in between they seem to hate each other... and alan is constantly in fear of getting thrown out... but he acts like an asshole after he breaks the guys toaster?... he comes across as a complete idiot... he should have been overly apologetic... in fear of getting tossed... the show is so inconsistent in everything but quality... it's now always bad... and what happened to mom and judith... did everyone just bail?


they did this better with sheen in one ep from season 5 (i can't believe i know what season it was from) where Sheen was angry that Cryer threw away his candy dish (or something to that affect) and Cryer left in protest (because he was under the impression that he was more then just a never ending houseguest at that point) Eventually he and Sheen reconcile--i believe he ended up moving in with his mom and when Sheen went over to check up on him he saw how terrible living with his mom was and offered to take him back (or as he said for jake's sakes) i could actually be confusing this with an episode from even earlier in the show's run---ohgod i think i actually am---in the episode i'm thinking of Cryer tries to move into a small apt that's beneath a train track or something and goes back to sheen's house to apologize or something i forget what sheen's motivation was in taking him back but i'm positive there was one.


Let's face it, the show had a good run, but it is out of gas. This plot has been done at least two or three times before. Alan moves out! If this show did not have its legacy audience, and did not have The Big Bang Theory as a crutch, it wouldn't be getting anywhere near the ratings it still gets. Unless the writers can pull a rabbit out of their posterior, this show should be put out of it's misery.


can someone pass this question to the producers? why always you always make loser to alan?? beside its a boring storyline, its send a bad message not just to young people, but to adults too.

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Two and a Half Men Season 10 Episode 18 Quotes

Berta: By the way, in case I forget, I may be a little late on Monday.
Walden: No problem, when should I expect you?
Berta: Wednesday.

Alan: You know what the problem is? Walden does not appreciate anything I bring to the party.
Lyndsey: I have never seen you bring anything to a party, except a Ziploc bag to steal the shrimp.