Vampire Diaries Picture Preview: In Mourning, In New York

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Upon its return, The Vampire Diaries is set to mourn the loss of one beloved character, while welcoming back a fan favorite.

On March 14, Season 4 will pick up with everyone concerned over an unemotional, humanity-less Elena, as "Bring It On" features this ravenous cheerleader acting as if her brother never died.

But just-released photos make it clear that may be difficult, as a memorial is planned for Jeremy Gilbert. Elsewhere, we see Damon and Rebekah teamed up, while Stefan tries to calm his ex down a bit.

The CW has also unveiled a trio of pictures from the March 21 installment, "Because the Night." It will take viewers back to the 1970s and spend time there with Damon... AND LEXI!!!

We've included a photo of Arielle Kebbel in this role below - and we encourage readers to visit our Vampire Diaries photo gallery for more from these upcoming episodes. Enjoy!

Mourning Jeremy
Peeved Caroline
Rebekah and Damon
A Bloody Damon
Pic of Damon Salvatore
Elena v. Stefan

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David and sabrina 2014

It would be cool if things could get better again but knows if it ever will with all these random shenanigans happening and all the problems involved. ;P =|


sounds exciting




Elijah IS IN 4X18....AND 4X19....4X20......

Fruit salad

Are you fucking kidding me? I thought they were bringing back Elijah, so I figured I should catch up on the last few episodes... and they're giving us a Damon flashback instead? Oh hell no. I'm over this shit.


Sounds like an interesting episode. Will be very glad to see Lexi again I miss her. Can't wait till the show returns.


Oh please why exactly is everyone concerned about Elena acting as if Jeremy never died? Thats what she does people, whenever someone close to her gets killed, she doesnt react to it at all. Thats what shes been doing since season 2 duh. Its no surprise, with or without her humanity. I couldnt even believe her breakdown last episode, it was so...uninspiring.
Damon and Rebekah team up again? Thats getting real old.
Damon in New York City, in the 70s? Im sorry but cant JP come up with more creative ideas then ripping off other tv series, in this case, particularly Buffy?
It just so happens that Spike was also in New York in the 70s, big conicendence?


omg r jus cant wait

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Elena: I did but who cares? I'll do whatever I want.

She's a vampire, off switch is one of the biggest perks.