Zero Hour: Canceled by ABC

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Time is up for Zero Hour.

ABC announced last night that it has canceled the Anthony Edwards-anchored drama after three poorly rated episodes.

The conspiracy thriller debuted to just 6.3 million viewers, making it the lowest-rated in-season scripted premiere of all-time of for that network. The subsequent installment dropped even lower.

Zero Hour Cast Pic

Zero Hour is yet another example of a show struggling mightily after a later-than-midseason-premiere.

NBC axed Do No Harm following just two episodes, while The CW has already pushed Cult from Tuesday nights to Friday.

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Nobody knew that the series existed. I happened to see it on demand. It was great. I was ready to be a loyal follower. Then they pulled the series.
This is a genre that I and many others like, but it is not popular with the decision makers.


My husband and I are very disappointed that they ended Zero Hour so quick!
We only watch Wed. tv on ABC. We can't stand the other shows. We thought that Zero Hour was really good. Please Put Zero Hour back on!


Hey come on , I liked this show and I also like 666 park ave bring them both back on tv I'm anxious to see what happens next. Those were the only shows I watched besides once apon a time of course .


don't cancel this just because the stupid teenagers of today don't understand it


Pleas do not cancel zero hour great show


Do not cancel zero hour great show


This is what ABC does puts a show on and then yanks it prematurely. Another great show tossed so I am going to toss ABC and not watch their show anymore. This show made you think and pay attention but I guess ABC is not looking for that. Real Shame.


i guess i got to change my "give it a season" stance and just drop it after one episode lol. it was bad not because when it debuted but because they need to stop trying to redo lost. there was one lost we liked it for five seconds then it just got to silly and complicated just to continue to make seasons promising to explain something but never does. the problem with these mystery shows is that they will always need to mystery therefore never giving a big payoff to audience. america so need to get with the korean television program. one season, 16 to 26 episodes a complete story begining to end and then MAYBE you could do something like this. guess i'll never know what those watches was about. up next is decpetion and red widow


The worst part is they are going to replace it with reruns of Wife Swap and Shark Tank. How stupid does ABC/Disney think we are? They cant even give the viewing public something new to watch!!! Here's an idea move Zero Hour to Friday night, where you are only playing RERUNS anyway.


Put on at a bad time (up against Big Bang Theory and Vampire Diaries? Dumb) and not enough press. ABC I think is so stupid sometimes when it comes to promoting shows. They promote the hell out of the ones that don't need it...and leave others in the dust (Last Resort anyone? I didn't that show was even coming on until I saw an article about it online).

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