90210 Review: That's What Families Do

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Too many cliffhangers!!

On the latest episode of 90210, Annie and Naomi dealt with the latest drama that Annie's novel has caused. Annie's ex-client Patrick made an appearance on 90210's New York episode and vowed to get revenge on the people Annie loves the most.

In "You Can't Win 'Em All," it turned out that moron Patrick actually did his homework and knew what he was doing when he planted cocaine in Mark's bag. Surprise surprise, Mark has a past record!

Relationship Issues

Seriously, would you except anything less on this show? As Naomi so helpfully pointed out, she has a rap sheet a mile long and Annie was a hooker at one point. Very few saints exist in America's most famous zip code. 

As it turns out, Mark's been arrested before on charges of narcotics trafficking. As he tells it, he was never involved but he didn't stop it either. Since the statements testifying to his innocence were sealed, there was nothing he could do about it. Jordan to the rescue! Does anyone else have a sneaking suspicion that Jordan could access those files for reasons other than just his mother's position in the judicial system?

Something tells me that maybe Jordan was involved. But then... wouldn't Mark remember him? I guess we'll see next week.

As Jordan risked owing his mother for a favor, Naomi and Annie did everything they could to get Mark's name cleared. Naomi tried to distract Mark's kids from knowing their dad wasn't at their birthday party by throwing them an extravagant bash. It turns out all they really wanted was to see their dad, but now that they know he's in jail it endangers his custody battle. 

Meanwhile, Annie hired a hot lawyer that Liam mistook for another "Leobelle." Can we pause for a minute and discuss how amazing it is that Annie and Liam's alter ego characters have shippers? Leobelles, I'd like to introduce you to the original fans, the Lannie shippers. Here's hoping your collective fanbases can get us a satisfying series finale that doesn't end up with Liam going to Australia with that charlatan Sydney. 

Look you’re hot and all, but I’m exhausted so hop back on your mommy porn tour bus and get a real life. | permalink

Oh Liam. Elsewhere, Navid and Adrianna were hooking up again giving a ton of hope to Navid and Adrianna shippers. Michaela fans? Not so much. So what in Michaela's life was a bigger problem? Is something wrong with the baby? Where did she run off to? More importantly, does anyone really care...

For once I think Adrianna really isn't doing something just to piss other people off. She wants Navid. I don't believe this is about Silver at all. Well, maybe the part about doing it in her bed was, but the rest no. Something tells me Silver won't care about Ade and Navid after her latest doctors appointment. The opening montage showed us Silver feeling a lump in her breast and with her medical odds it probably won't be benign.

Hopefully we'll get answers to all of these questions next week! Only two episodes left until we bid adieu. What did you think of the latest episode of 90210?


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Mrs Alex O laughlun, Ade and Silver made a pact to neither of them date Mark but Silver breaks that promise and hooks up with him.Silver also knew Ade liked him.How is sleeping with Navid, who she has feelings for again, w(even before she knew Micheala liked him) worse Silver breaking the pact/promise she made ,especially since Silver has a history of goung after Ades guys(the affair with Navid in season three)?


Also, WTH is up with Liam?Hes mad at Syndey cause she used him and partly takes it out on Annie, then when Sydney comes back hes ready to run off to Austrailia with her?!


@DC, Ades not a hypocrite.Silver and Ade made a pact to neither to date Mark yet Silver broke that promise and hooked up with him anyway and took days or weeks to tell Ade about it.Just like when Silver cheated with Navid and even after Ade found her earring, she didnt fess up.She fessed up only after she knew theyd been caught and it was a matter of time before knew it was her and after Ade already knew.Ades right about selfish Silver is.As to the Ade/Navid/,Micheala thing, its complicated.Micheala likes Navid,Ade likes Navid,Navid likes ??Ade and Navid have a past and its not ades fault that her feelings for him came back even before she knew Micheala liked him. But could it have been handeled better? probably.You say Ades a hypocarite for sleeping with Navid knowing Michaela likes him yet being mad at Silver for hooking up with Mark.What does that maje Silver, who knew Ade liked Mark too but hooked up with him anyway?


The highlight of this episode was Naomi (the scenes she had with Liam and Mark in particular)I know it is a far cry but I seriously hope Liam and Naomi end up together. Always hated Annie and Liam, always will - the most forced romance on TV.


I'm so sad right now. After Annie got shot I wanted her and Liam to reunite as a couple. When that didn't happen I thought that they would at least get together in this or the last episode. Now we have 2 episodes left and they will not get back together in the next one so that leaves us with the last episode in which I hope that they will get back tougher in. But that is not enough, I wanted to see them as a couple this season. I hate that 90210 will end after this season, it is such a good show but the producers have sucked so far and the Lannie story is not ending as well as everyone wanted it to end. ugh why didn't Annie just say yes to Liams proposal in season 3 ( I think it was season 3). I just want Lannie back together asap!!! I really hope that there will be a flash forward where we see a Lannie wedding after they get back together and why can't the finale be 2 hours long! Ugh!!


(Continued) ...wanting a baby and wanting to be a mother.
Adrianna and Navid, well at least one fan base is getting a pre finale love scene(s) treat.
Liam and Annie, ugh! I can't even! I really thought that by this point in the season we would see these two rekindle their romance.
Dixon. Dixon. Dixon. If only he knew about Silvers "findings".


I was pleasantly surprised by this episode! But it was not 3rd to the last episode material. It makes me wish writers were informed when ratings first dropped below 1.0.
Mark having kids was totally unexpected, but they were adorable! It was a sweet moment when Mark told Naomi he wanted to be a better dad after he met her. I love their connection. I would totally ship them if they weren't related. I don't see any real connection between Naomi and Jordan.
Silver didn't interact with Mark this episode...odd, but good. I didn't like them together. Well, I know I've been saying this all season but Silver has the worst health. Ugh, poor girl is gonna be diagnosed with cancer the next episode. And then there is kidnapper Michaela. I know something's wrong, and it sucks because we had to endure through Silvers baby talk since the latter part of season 4. Losing the baby, or something like that, will just anger me because a lot of time was put into Silver wanting a baby and wanting to be a mother.
Adrianna and Navid, well at least one fan base is getting a pre finale love scene(s) treat.
Liam and Annie, ugh! I can't even! I really thought that by this point in the season we would see these two rekindle their romance.
Dixon. Dixon. Dixon. If only he knew about Silvers "findings".


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I think any character on the showing thinking silver was being selfish is just ignorant. She's already made it clear this is her ONE shot to have a baby. She doesn't get a do over. Michaela can start a singing career anytime, though realistically probably not since she's not that good. But really, getting upset about not being able to pursue a career you never knew you wanted? Over giving someone the most important thing they could ever want and have forever. I don't see the comparison. I will be disgusted if they put silver and Dixon back together. He's just as awful as Ade sometimes. On a lighter note, tonight's scenes with Naomi and Liam had me swooning for a rekindling of the REAL power couple on the show! That would be a perfect ending. At the very least, I would prefer her end up alone than with Jordan. There's no chemistry there. I guess we will see how it all ends soon enough!


It's a shame the show has finally tried to move things forward when it was little too late, remember this was written before the cancellation notice. I agree with JArrod, I stopped watching earlier this season once the news was announced and started reading recaps. I liked what I read so I watched last night. The show just seem better. Annies book/silvers cancer/ baby have really opened up interesting unhased plots for the show. Season five seems more sure of itself now than the past season did. Sad we wont get a happy ending. Per se but I hope they Tie most things up, like the OC did. Five minutes montages can go a long way! Ryan ended up alone and I was satisfied s if Naomi does I'm okay with that. I just finally feel interested in Annie again...like hey she's almost leading lady again(almost) too bad it took so long to actually give her something to do.

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