Blue Bloods Review: Hate Breeds Hate

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It wasn't so much the "Loss of Faith" that I found so sad in this episode of Blue Bloods - but the inability of the people in a beautiful young girl's life to accept that her faith had changed.

Kathleen DeMotto had discovered new love but her death was caused when friends and family reacted with intolerance and hate.  

Death In a Cemetery

Joe couldn't handle that his childhood sweetheart would find someone else, nevermind revert to the Muslim faith. Kathleen's new boyfriend's brother hated her because she wasn't traditional Muslim. She couldn't seem to win.

I felt for Moustafa because of the torture he received as a 12-year old boy after 9/11. It simply proved that hate breeds hate. Where does it end? 

But in the end it was Kathleen's own father who took her out of this world.  He couldn't live with the fact that his little girl could make decisions for herself that he didn't agree with. When she turned her back on their Catholic faith his hold on her literally became deadly. 

Instead of a living Muslim daughter, he has a dead good Catholic girl. I'm sure that in his mind she'll never change.

The Pedro Mendoza story was scary, not only because he was an ex-cop going after other cops but because he could have been almost any guy you passed on the street. 

I like that Jamie and his partner have bonded more. The two may be different but they make a good team. They make me hope that Jamie gets a meatier story line before the season ends. 

As usual the family dinner scene was one of the best of the hour.  I liked how Frank answered when Nicky asked how he would react if Erin was dating a Muslim man.  That his knee-jerk Irish Catholic reaction would be to fight it but his better sense would remind him of what's important. If that man loved his daughter and treated her well, I have no doubt he'd get Frank's blessing no matter what his faith.

Danny's son asking to be Jewish was typical of any child who has seen the fun parts of religious celebration. Bar Mitzvah parties with plenty of presents are awesome but Hebrew school and giving up bacon, less so. 

As Frank pointed out in this funny Blue Bloods quote

Bacon. The ultimate test of faith. | permalink

Truer words were never spoken. It's great to have Blue Bloods back.


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I must sadly stop watching Blue Bloods in protest of this disgusting, reality-twisting fantasy from a religion-hating (specifically Christian-hating) agenda. I admire and respect Tom Selleck so much as an actor that it is profoundly disappointing to me that he participated in this outrageous example of liberal self-loathing. Incredibly naïve liberals continually take the worst examples of muslim behavior and twist the story to show that everyone acts the same and we should not single out the most primitive aspects of current Islamic culture to scorn. Yes, there are millions of modern, civilized, cultured muslims who are an integral part of our modern society; muslims who would be as disgusted as anyone by honor killing in the name of religion. But ignorant, Christian-hating liberals are not content with portraying these people. They wish to fantasize that there are those among us who would behave the same way in the name of religion. And they disguise their agenda with good moral intent for tolerance and understanding and suck in good people like Tom Selleck. I am shocked that Tom would allow these tragically misguided people to con him into such an obviously disingenuous storyline. My heart weeps.

Sarah silva

This was another solid episode.
I too hope that Jamie gets a meatier storyline this season. He is one of my favorites on this show and I really want to see more of him.


Will, you might be reading too much into it. He wasn't portrayed as deliberately setting out to kill his daughter. The father in the story accidentally applied too much force to grabbing his daughter. I can imagine he would be charged with manslaughter. Maybe involuntary manslaughter. P.S. I kind of figured he was the killer as soon as we first met him wearing that cross around his neck. (She was found holding a rosary)


This show was disgraceful to catholics and is the opposite of how it really works with the muslim culture who still treat their woman as cattle and stone them. A catholic father would never kill his daughter for converting to Islam and if he raised her right this would never be an issue. A muslin converting to christianiy would be a death defying issue. Again we have Hollywood bending over for muslims and sticking it to the people who pay their salary. Muslims can build a mosque next to the ruins of NYC towers that their muslim brothers knocked down with jets but I do not think christians could build a shrine next to Mecca. Bluebloods and Tom Selleck should be ashamed.


Frank has so much wisdom and isn't afraid to "go with his gut". The best scene of the episode to me was when he appeared at Pedro Mendoza's former precinct even though there was "no hard evidence" that Pedro was even in NYC. His talk to the squad probably saved lives.

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I know it's not on us but it's like a punch in the gut anyway.


She kind of reminds me of the pretty Italian girl in high school that all the Irish boys fell in love with.