Body of Proof Review: A Test of Character

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Tonight's Body of Proof certainly wasn't the first time we've seen Megan "Doubting Tommy," but it may have been the best time for her to be his champion.  

The evening started off with us finding out a little bit more about Tommy and Megan's past. They fought like crazy and they made up with crazy good sex. At least until Tommy slept with someone else. 

So I couldn't blame Megan for turning and running in the other direction when she saw the hot blonde with her hand on Tommy's thigh. It had to feel as though someone opened up an old wound.

Tommy's Only Hope

The next thing she knows, Skylar's dead and Tommy's covered with blood and lying in the bushes.

When Curtis and Ethan matched a hair in Skylar's bed to Tommy my first thought was: just one?!? Wouldn't there have been a lot more than that if the two had spent the night?

But Megan and Adam certainly had Tommy's back when it was obvious that no one else did.  

Chief Martin was quick to let him hang and it was more than a bit sad that Kate hesitated little in backing her. She really does appear to be more in tune with the political implications of her actions than in backing her own people. I have no doubt she would have fired Megan if things got too sticky.

I appreciated that neither Adam nor Megan turned on Tommy after reading his file from New York. Only true friends would keep an open mind after reading something like that.  

And when Tommy finally shared the truth with Megan she didn't exonerate his actions nor did she condemn him either. It was a lot of information to take in during an already emotional time. Although she may not have been completely comfortable with that side of Tommy, she also understood it as she shared in this Body of Proof quote...

The part of you who went outside the law for your sister is the same part that helped me and Lacy. | permalink

The case prompted two revelations from Megan's family: Joan never liked Tommy. Mostly because he was a cop from a broken family in Queens. I guess she didn't consider him good enough for her little girl. If she had been upset about him cheating on her daughter I would have given her more credit for her distrust. 

But Lacy impressed me. She encouraged her mother to have Tommy's back. He saved both of their lives and Lacy's not about to forget that. The girl is definitely growing up.

The moment Tommy started talking to that attorney I knew he was the murderer who had set Tommy up. Having Tommy put a nail gun to the guy's knee was an intense way to end their fight. Ouch!

A few side notes worth mentioning…

  • The woman translating Megan and Tommy's conversation at the bar was very funny. A great way to break up an otherwise intense episode.
  • I'm not a big fan of Megan's green purse but I love her turquoise trench coat. It's gorgeous.
  • I know I sound like a broken record but there really hasn't been enough Curtis & Ethan this season.  We need more!

But the best moment of the entire episode was Megan and Tommy's banter at the end. 

Megan: Stop talking.
Tommy: Not my strong suit.
Megan: What is really?
Tommy: Have three tequilas and I'll show you. | permalink

I really hope to see these two find their way back together before Body of Proof season 3 concludes.


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Mark Valley is pure talent!! If you've seen his work in Human Target (I suggest some youtube videos or better yet the dvd's) or Keen Eddie (amazing DVD set as well) or Boston Legal to name a few you can see what he can bring to this show. When I hear someone say they don't like I'm I know it's because they are blaming him for Peter being gone AND they've never seen his other wor


I love Mark Valley, I want Meagan to give in to him but it will take awhile.
Story line was good


I thought this was a very good episode. It was nice to see a softer and loyal side of Megan. I agree that Kate has become too political although I can see the concern about Megan's bias in this case. The irony about Megan saying that forensic evidence was the final determination in the court case but she didn't want to believe the overwhelming forensics in Tommy's situation. I've kind of liked Tommy from the start (although I was sorry they killed of Peter) but even my wife is starting to like him. Sure hope they renew for next season and give as full season too.


I think the new characters have done a lot for the show. Meagan is so self-centered that it is nice to see her looking out for someone else. Her mother on the other hand needs to go although you can see where the negative comes from. Her comments about Tommy were terrible along with her idea of justice. I bet we find she was involved Meagan's dad's death at some point. The stories have really been good this season as they were at the end of last season. I wish Meagan would ditch the purse. Leave it in the car!


I LOVE the Brahmin I have the same one! I thought that police chief was a total waste..what chief would ever act like that...loved when Tommy said "she has my back with a bayonet"..he is great! Hope they follow up with a proper relationship between himself and Megan. Her mother is so bad..especially as a judge.."if this was in my court, we'd already be going to sentencing"?? She certainly sounds as if she'd do better in a non-democratic society!!


Ok so between saving the girls and getting set up, Tommy is growing on me too.
Megan's boss is useless, uninteresting character, totally superfluous.
Love the morgue boys, we need to see them MORE!
Megan's stilleto, giant purse thing is ridiculous to me, who shows up to a crime scene looking like that? It just seems out of place, I know it's television but really! knock that off.


I kept wondering how they could doubt Tommy when the whole thing seemed wrapped up in the case they were working in court. Tommy doubted the forensics so when his own "crime" was based on forensic evidence it should have set off alarm bells. It did to me, but it certainly should have to Megan. I love this show, I love all the characters and especially Dana Delaney, she is talented and beautiful and I never even roll my eyes when she wears high heels to those crimes scenes.


I really like this is trying to come up with some good crime shows (not a Castle fan, but love OUAT and Revenge), but wish they would give this show a does have some pretty interesting cases. No gory ME autopsies tonight, but the story line didn't need was all about Tommy. I the banter of Curtis and Ethan and miss that they do not have enough on-stage time. 'Season' is still young...maybe...! Good episode and review. Megan is definitely classy and a wow-dresser....with an attitude! Love it


I am going to have to go back and re-watch as I didn't catch how it all came together with Skylar dead and Tommy in the bushes. Did she get killed while Tommy was in the house and then he woke up and chased the guy away? And when/where did Tommy get drugged? At the bar with Megan before she left? Otherwise, for me to go back and clear up some loose ends by watching again, it was an enjoyable episode. I liked that they did lab work and things in the morgue again that were part of the story line. I so did not want to like this guy coming in after they killed off Peter, but I think I am breaking down. Tommy is starting to grow on me. :)


It's funny watching this pretty good show that all the critics are writing it off for next year already... I find it a decent crime show with attractive people in it... I don't get it... I guess all of the attractive ones are not so much to the young people with no money who are off watching Youtube, playing games, or chatting.. Meanwhile, I get to enjoy it..

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Body of Proof Season 3 Episode 8 Quotes

People are complicated. They've got all these messy emotions.


Megan: You're telling me if I said yes, right now OK, let's go to a hotel room, you'd say no?
Tommy: That's not a fair question because I'm a guy.