Body of Proof Review: It All Sounds Crazy

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"Committed " was creepy on so many levels, it's hard to know where to begin.  

From the bed check in the mental hospital to Tommy and Megan's interviews with the patients, the entire scene was downright eerie. Even scarier was that Darby appeared to be the only sane person in the bunch.

Assessing the Story

At first I was taken in by her story as much as Megan, but Tommy's voice of reason rang in my head. The girl was a mental patient. As sincere as she sounded, it could have all been a well rehearsed lie or just a crazy story she believed to be true.

About half way through I began to wonder if Darby had actually murdered her little sister... and it was sort of sickening to realize I was right. Darby turned out to be a sociopath who hated her baby sister because she seemingly got all of the attention. 

The ease with which the girl slipped from innocent victim to monstrous murderer was terrifying. Even more menacing was what she could have done to Lacy while the two were alone.

Darby's biggest mistake was pissing off Megan. As much as Megan hates being wrong, she hates being used even more. I had no doubt she would have shot Darby in the street if the girl had moved. 

The investigation could have been labeled The Tommy and Megan Show as these two bantered back and forth as they searched for their killer. Despite the macabre setting, there exchanges such as in this Body of Proof quote made me smile…

Megan: Yeah, OK. You're right.
Tommy: Say that again. I want to use it for my ringtone. | permalink

Riley definitely knew exactly what she was doing when she cornered Megan in the bathroom. She told Megan about her and Tommy's one date in the hopes of stirring up trouble. I suddenly really disliked that girl. 

Tommy and Megan make such a fun couple that it was heartbreaking to see her turn him away. How many times can she do that before he's gone for good?  

But Megan has a lot on her plate right now with her doubts about her father's suicide. It was hard to tell if Joan was simply that upset by the thought of her late husband's body being exhumed or if she actually has something to hide. I got the feeling she still hasn't told Megan the whole truth about her father's death.

When Megan asked Charlie for help, his response was just what she needed to hear…

Charlie: I trust your instincts. You tell me something's off and I'll believe you. | permalink

With everyone telling her that her speculations were far fetched, Megan once again felt like the little girl to whom no one was listening. It was nice to have someone she respected validate her feelings, messy though they may be.

The one thing I have grown tired of is Kate threatening to fire Megan every other episode. When Kate isn't focused on her career in politics, she's playing the mean boss looking to impede Megan's investigations. The character is fast becoming repetitive and boring. 

Do you think Tommy and Megan still have a chance? Will Charlie help her continue the investigation into her father's suicide? And am I reading Joan wrong or is she hiding something? So many questions left unanswered until our next Body of Proof


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I took issue of Megan's reaction to ECT. I worked in a psychiatric hospital and took patients down for ECT. While it was a terrifying treatment in the past, it is done differently now in many ways. And it can help some types of depression a lot. There is some memory loss, but it is usually short term and, if I remember right, more about recent events. It seemed that Megan's comment about leaving the past in the past was seen (by both of them) as her blowing him off. Leaving the past in the past, though, suggests a new start (which they already have; they don't keep talking about before). They could, by leaving the past behind, have a better, more mature relationship.


It it beginning to bother me some that a supposed "M.E." is showing up where they would NEVER be...going through a house search on a warrant, interviewing people when they would not be doing that in reality. I know she is the star, but the character is starting to remind me of Horatio's character on CSI: Miami. Whenever a 911 call happened, he was the first one to show up and always personally caught the bad guy in the end.


This was a good episode and I was really confused about who was guilty. I sure didn't like the creep running the clinic. He seemed to have too much to hide and seemed to take too much pleasure in administering ECT. I felt his exchange at the end with Megan didn't exonerate his character. I have started to quite like Tommy. I believe he has genuine concern and affection for Megan. I hope that Megan gets her act together soon. I'm not sure she deserves him and she could soon lose him. I agree that Kate's character is becoming annoying and tedious. Her appearances are generally short and abrasive, adding very little to the storyline. Megan may be a difficult person and a difficult employee but she's seldom wrong and Kate would be poorly served to lose her. The way Kate's character is being (mis)used seems a waste of a good actress.


I didn't think Darby had done anything until they showed her at Megan's condo. Then I knew something was up. But that was a good twist. Why no mention of Sharon Lawrence and the amazing ability she has to play tortured parent? Megan and Tommy. They have a chance. But I don't think Megan trusts herself in relationships, and her conversation with the doctor at the end kinda proves it. Yet she is letting Tommy see more and more of her vulnerabilities. So now it's time for Tommy to show his; all we know is that he made a mistake with Megan 20 years ago and wishes he could go back and change it. Tommy might open up more if he thinks that the competition (Luke Perry) is sniffing around.


I just knew that Darby killed her little sister, and I was so creeped out when she was with Lacey! I thought she was going to stab her with a paring knife! Yikes! I also knew that Darby was lying the whole time and that she killed the girl in the shower. I felt bad for Megan that she was so taken in, but at the same time Megan has been so abrasive and rude and never apologizes when she makes a mistake that I am losing empathy for her. I am even hoping that Tommy hooks up the with pretty police officer, because Megan is such a mess emotionally and she treats him like poop. This show is on the verge of cancellation, and last night I saw why, because they've made Megan Hunt so unlikable a protagonist that people are losing interest in an otherwise good show with a great cast.


The actress playing Darby did a fantastic job,because I totally bought her story but then when she was cutting the apple she completely creeped me out, and the actress playing Lacey did a great job portraying that she was in danger yet oblivious. A very tense scene. I still find Megan to be so abrasive and rude to the people around her I don't know why so many people still remain fond of her. And she's too old to be playing with Tommy's feelings; it's dishonest of her. But overall I thought it was an excellent episode.


Oh, by the way, TV Fanatic ... You need to change the graphic for this show. There are cast members in your picture that are not on the show anymore.


Didn't see that twist coming. Most of the time things are predicable (on most shows) I like it when that happens when I get surprised. I had a slight suspicion but it wasn't strong enough to convince me.


I do not like or believe in the Tommy/Megan romance and its a distraction. I don't like Megan acting the role of a street police officer but this was a very interesting episode.


This episode rang true to my personal life. I have had mental illness in my family for 50 years .. yes 50. Trust me when I tell you - the mentally ill can look one straight in the eye & be lying the entire time & sound so convincing that they are telling one the truth. Always remember, they are in mental institutions because they are mentally so not well. Please don't laugh at this stuff, to those of us who are sane can't even start to fathom & comprehend those who aren't. And these people ARE smart but their brains are not thinking at all like ours. Creepy????? Oh you bet it is!!!

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Megan: Darby seemed different than the other girls.
Tommy: Yeah, a different kind of crazy.

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