Bones Review: The Secret Is In The Sauce

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Some of you are going to love this review. Some of you are going to hate it. Just like some of us probably loved Bones tonight and some of us probably hated it.

I'll give you two guesses which camp I'm in.

The best thing about "The Maiden in the Mushrooms" was Hodgins and the hot sauce.

A Dangerous Crime Scene

Brennan is a ridiculously intelligent woman. She's also a mother. Apparently when her mothering kicks in all of her intelligence flies out the window.

Christine bit another child at daycare. Every single person Brennan came into contact with told her that this was a normal, "average" behavior for a child Christine's age. Every single one of them. 

Brennan could not accept that her daughter, a toddler, exhibited such "average" behavior. That she would stoop so low as to bite another child. That the daycare would accuse her of biting when there was no proof that she was, in fact, the biter!

She was so disbelieving and out to prove her daughter's innocence that she had Angela hack into the daycare's file on the bitten child so that she could gain access to pictures of the bite mark to compare them to the mold she made of Christine's teeth. A mold made specifically for this purpose.

This toddler biting story grew more and more incredulous as the hour went on and mothers everywhere, myself included, groaned at the absurdity of this waste of a story. 

Now, had Booth been the one to disbelieve that his sweet daughter could bite another child while Brennan, who has logic and rational thinking and anthropological studies about toddler behavior on her side, reminded him that it was normal and Christine was asserting her dominance over the other children and lauded the behavior, the story would've worked. 

Moving on to what was actually entertaining about the night...

Mention was finally made regarding Angela and Hodgins' financial status. They're living off of their salaries like normal folk do. But Hodgins is in the market for a new business venture so that he can try and recoup the Cantilever Group's fortunes.

That business? Hot sauce.

Specifically, Finn's late granny's special blend. 

After using the last of Finn's sauce, despite the post-it note clearly marking it as belonging to Finn, Hodgins decided that he was going to recreate this special blend of spices, first so that he could give Finn his sauce back and secondly so that he they could market it and make some money.

I like Hodgins' entrepreneurial spirit! I loved Finn's reaction when he realized that Hodgins had resurrected his grandmother in a way and his impassioned plea to the restaurateur to try the sauce.

This B-plot saved tonight's episode, in my opinion. Opie and Thurston's Special Sauce, indeed!

Not even the case of the week was incredibly interesting as it's become quite predictable that if there's a murder victim and the murder victim had a love interest, the love interest probably did it. I'll admit to getting a little choked up when the boyfriend talked about finding his dog, but I found tonight's mystery largely uninteresting.

What did you think of "The Maiden in the Mushrooms?" Did you find Brennan overly ridiculous tonight? Or was she right to champion her daughter? 


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Miranda Wicker is a Staff Writer for TV Fanatic. Follow her on Twitter.


I am a Number 1 Bones fan and normally would fight anyone to the metophorical death if they dissed my show. But I was highly disappointed in last nights airing. I honestly do not remember the murder (was there one?). The whole thing played Ridiculous for me and left my heart saddened that this has happened to the show I love!


Occasionally Bones writers forget that We, the devoted viewers, are actually very intelligent. Did Angie blow all the dough that Brennan gave her in season five? Come on!


This show was a little odd sometimes they put a show in that not to good because they are getting ready for the next one. But Brennan as a mother you don't mess with the mommy Bears cub I think they had this show in the can and brought it out to fill in some space. The sauce was agood Idea I liked it!!


What has happened this season.. It goes from bad to worse. Booth needs to tell her what's up and stand up to her. He coddles her to much like he's afraid to get her mad. Brennan has gotten really on my nerves this year. The episodes have made her an unlikable person. I liked it better when they wearnt together. But I'm faithful and will continue to watch. I can only get better hopefully


The biting storyline was awful!! Bones and Booth have lost the romance they had prior to Christine.


It's usually a cold day in Hell when B plot not involving Booth or Brennan is the best part of a Bones episode for me, but I agree, Miranda, Hodgins & Finn was the best part of this episode. No, wait, the best part of the episode for me was the when I first saw that Hodgins finally got a haircut. Brennan's reaction to the biting incident was beyond ridiculous and went on for far too long. Once again, the character of Brennan has turned into a caricature of what she used to be because the writers think its funny to write her that way. But as a viewer, I find it excruciating and almost unwatchable. Emily Deschanel deserves better than this.


Rephase that; Brennan being a mom is good for her in general BUT. Brennan dealing with peek a boo or Christine a biter or god for bid Christine being a normal child brings out the worst in her. You would think that Brennan being an anthro would make her more open and knowledgeable in how children behave in society.


Brennan was beyond annoying and unlikeable in this ep. And nearly every ep that deals with her being a mom. It just brings out the worst in her.Thank goodness Christine has Booth for a dad.


You hit the nail on the head with your review. I was interested in descending order in 1. The hot sauce 2. The dead body 3. The biting.
Sometimes Bones the character can be insufferable. This was one of those times.


@wendì its Hodgins not HODKINS Booth does has smarts, and the brains to back up whatever you are hating on. He is the head of special crimes unit at the FBI for petes sake....just because someone doesn't have a million degrees or talks science or whatever else makes them so much smarter in your eyes doesnt make Booth or anyone else like him stupid or not have a brain. What a snob you are.

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Hodgins: Hey, I accept not being rich-rich, but I wouldn't mind being a little richer than we are right now.
Angela: We're living off our salaries. It's what people do.
Finn: Well, happiness isn't tied to how much money you make.
Hodgins: Thank you, Opie, but I'd rather not have Michael Vincent grow up eating squirrel gizzards and hillbilly broth.

[to Booth] Well, when it comes to settling conflicts, it's always better to be rational.