Bones Review: The Secret Is In The Sauce

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Some of you are going to love this review. Some of you are going to hate it. Just like some of us probably loved Bones tonight and some of us probably hated it.

I'll give you two guesses which camp I'm in.

The best thing about "The Maiden in the Mushrooms" was Hodgins and the hot sauce.

A Dangerous Crime Scene

Brennan is a ridiculously intelligent woman. She's also a mother. Apparently when her mothering kicks in all of her intelligence flies out the window.

Christine bit another child at daycare. Every single person Brennan came into contact with told her that this was a normal, "average" behavior for a child Christine's age. Every single one of them. 

Brennan could not accept that her daughter, a toddler, exhibited such "average" behavior. That she would stoop so low as to bite another child. That the daycare would accuse her of biting when there was no proof that she was, in fact, the biter!

She was so disbelieving and out to prove her daughter's innocence that she had Angela hack into the daycare's file on the bitten child so that she could gain access to pictures of the bite mark to compare them to the mold she made of Christine's teeth. A mold made specifically for this purpose.

This toddler biting story grew more and more incredulous as the hour went on and mothers everywhere, myself included, groaned at the absurdity of this waste of a story. 

Now, had Booth been the one to disbelieve that his sweet daughter could bite another child while Brennan, who has logic and rational thinking and anthropological studies about toddler behavior on her side, reminded him that it was normal and Christine was asserting her dominance over the other children and lauded the behavior, the story would've worked. 

Moving on to what was actually entertaining about the night...

Mention was finally made regarding Angela and Hodgins' financial status. They're living off of their salaries like normal folk do. But Hodgins is in the market for a new business venture so that he can try and recoup the Cantilever Group's fortunes.

That business? Hot sauce.

Specifically, Finn's late granny's special blend. 

After using the last of Finn's sauce, despite the post-it note clearly marking it as belonging to Finn, Hodgins decided that he was going to recreate this special blend of spices, first so that he could give Finn his sauce back and secondly so that he they could market it and make some money.

I like Hodgins' entrepreneurial spirit! I loved Finn's reaction when he realized that Hodgins had resurrected his grandmother in a way and his impassioned plea to the restaurateur to try the sauce.

This B-plot saved tonight's episode, in my opinion. Opie and Thurston's Special Sauce, indeed!

Not even the case of the week was incredibly interesting as it's become quite predictable that if there's a murder victim and the murder victim had a love interest, the love interest probably did it. I'll admit to getting a little choked up when the boyfriend talked about finding his dog, but I found tonight's mystery largely uninteresting.

What did you think of "The Maiden in the Mushrooms?" Did you find Brennan overly ridiculous tonight? Or was she right to champion her daughter? 


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Love Finn. Maybe it's a regional thing, but his Southern sayings and attitudes are funny and heart-warming. Then when Hodgins went to so much work to duplicate the sauce we saw what a really good human he is, not the rubber-band snapping paranoid from the first season. While we expect Brennan to be Brennan, the "perfect child" routine went a bit overboard. And while I disagree with most of Alex Indigo's opinions, I agree the writers like Booth too much. He is one of the most irritating characters on the show. At least Brennan has the brains to back it up, he's a know-it-all blowhard. Thank goodness she hasn't married him. And like Alex, I'm really looking forward to next week's episode. BTW, do you think Hodkins and Finn might recoup some of Hodkins' lost fortune with the hot sauce?


The biting side of the episode, was funny at first, but just got out of hand. I found myself wanting to reach through my TV and shake Brennan, she couldn't believe that HER child would do such a thing completely did a 180 when Christine bit her, and all of a sudden it was ok....whatever Brennan Opie & Thurston's Hot Sauce was awesome! I love Hodgins and Finn together.. it's almost like the relationship he had with Zach.
It was nice to hear about Hodgins finances too.. although I think before the end of the season...he'll get it all back..
The actual case was a little blah..although I did think it was funny that since Sweets got his two female roommates, he knows all about fashion..


Make you wonder if they are the couple that breaking up


I agree, Brennan is rather arrogant and can't seem to imagine that her perfect little angel could be a normal kid. I know most parents don't want to think that their kid could misbehave, but the level she went to to 'prove' it was ridiculous. I wanted to throw something wet and squishy at her, esp when she basically told Finn he was 'below' her and implied similar about Parker (her somewhat-stepson!) when Booth mentioned biting. I pity Christine if she ever brings home a B or chooses a non-scientific career...although if might be an interesting 'loop' if she became a psychiatrist or a pastor/priest! I like Finn...I'm from NC and the accent fits! Each Southern state has its own version(s) of the accent, and his is a good imitation of some of the inflections I hear back home. Now I want to try that hot sauce!


I hated it!!! Maybe if Christine's bite mark on Brennan's neck was a hickey by Booth the episode would have moved up a notch.


There were three plots in this story, the biting, the hot sauce, and the actual case.
The biting incident was REALLY annoying after a few minutes, or should I say seconds? The series is called "Bones," not minute after minute of incessant whining from Brennen.
The hot sauce was a cute idea, but both the biting and the hot sauce seemed to take presidence over the main case.
I thought the episode was OK, but really missed the ideas of the case being the reason to watch. Most series, where the main characters have kids, put the kids in the background. Bones should get back to what they do best. Just my opinion.


The biting storyline just made me cringe. I agree that it was in character for Brennan to object to her child being labeled with something "average," but it was one of those times that I just don't like her character.
The hotsauce bit was awesome, though! Recreating the recipe and then looking to market it was a neat sub-plot. (As for Hodgins' financial woes, doesn't Bones give Angela 25% of her royalty checks for the part that Angela helps her with on her books?)
The case, on the other hand, definitely took a back burner. I wasn't interested enough in it to even try to guess who the killer was.


Booth already knows that kids can bite, he has had that experience already with being a dad to Parker....Booth noting about Parker biting was a key moment in getting a particular evidence in the Grave Digger trial in Season 5.......I DO get that the writers are showing Brennan being a new mom and being unexperienced, which she is and being a parent is a learning experience, it doesn't come with a handbook.... BUT her out of control ego on how Christine couldn't behave like a normal kid just cos she has her gene pool is doing her NO favors. .Enjoyable episode nonetheless. B grade.


Good ep after the back of heavier themes of prior eps I did enjoy this more light hearted ep.....that being said Brennan quest of Christine not being a biter actually made me feel sorry future Christine and any friends she may have...and enough already of Brennan harping on about Christine not being average cos she is her daughter for someone so bright Brennan really doesnt get how it works, does she?. Just because she is amazìng smart gifted yadda yadda doesnt mean that Christine is or will be.and the sooner Brennan gets that through her thick head the better.


Enjoyed the episode despite Brennan annoying the crap out of me. ...Brennan is just worst type of helicopter parent. . .ugh . I thought when Brennan became a mom she would be a cool mom with her wealth of anthro ideas but oh no she is one of those moms who are so stuck up their own butts of being perfect and right that you would run a mile away from to avoid. Thank god Christine has Booth who actually is a cool dad and loves her and doesnt put any pressure on her whether she is average or not.

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