Boston Bombings Preempt Vegas, Shift Hannibal Schedule

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Both CBS and NBC have shifted around their programming schedules in the wake of this week's Boston bombings and today's city-wide manhunt for the men responsible.

First, CBS will preempt tonight's episode of Vegas in order to run a special news report on the culprits. It will air tomorrow night at 8 instead.

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NBC, meanwhile, has pulled next Thursday's installment of Hannibal because producer Bryan Fuller was concerned that the especially lurid storyline of children-on-children murder would not be appropriate at this time.

The series will air what had been scheduled as Episode 5 instead and air its season finale a week earlier on June 20.

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I can understand ABC moving Castle out of respect and sensitivity(that episode is actually about a bomb) - but this seems a little extreme.


I just really hope it will not affect the story line as Hannibal has main character plot development in every episode from what I have seen of the first 3.


Pulling an episode of Hannibal is total bullshit. I have respect for those in Boston and around the world who are mourning right now, but if you can't handle watching a fictional tv show at this time then don't turn on your tv. I'd really like to see all the episodes in a season!


as i said on another blog i understand the sentiment but the network should allow the fans to watch the episode online and give them the choice to watch it instead of playing big brother and saying we can't watch it at all.

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Lecter: Peaking behind the curtain, I'm just curious how the FBI goes about its business when it's not kicking in doors.

Lecter: What are we looking for?
Graham: At this stage, anything really, but mostly anything peculiar.