Castle Review: Moving Forward, Standing Still

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Wow. Just... wow.

Who knew that an hour filled with mostly clips from previous seasons could be so amazing? In “Still”, Beckett steps on an activated explosive and must stay put while they try to disarm. Castle, being the gentleman he is, refuses to leave. So what happens when you put these two in an intense situation? Amazing things. Time to talk Castle...

In the wake of the Boston Marathon tragedy, ABC had delayed this episode a week. The network absolutely did the right thing. In a touching and tension-filled hour, things were said, things were shown and it was pretty awesome.

Beckett in Major Danger

The bomber had planted an explosive under his own floorboard after finding out he had Stage 4 Brain Cancer and a son he couldn’t find.

From there, this episode was filled with clips of amazing moments between Caskett that even a non-shipper would adore.

First, let’s acknowledge that Castle is one of a kind. The man stayed with his woman while she stood on an explosive. That is true love. 

Second, he was still able to make jokes and keep her mind off of it while making her smile. Pretty much unreal.

Third, between the tense moments and Castle and Beckett’s amazing crime solving skills, they were able to disarm the bomb at the last minute. Not that there was ever any doubt that Beckett would be fine. Still, regardless, I didn’t expect to tear up from watching clips of episodes that I have seen before.

So, let’s talk flashbacks. Which were the best? Castle thinking he's a cop... the inappropriate comments between the two... Beckett in her revealing clothes... the trouble they have gotten themselves into. All of it was pretty amazing. One of my personal favorites? Beckett emerging from that pool in that ridiculous gold bathing suit. HOT.

One thing that you can’t help but notice, especially after Castle pointed it out, was the ever changing hairstyles that Kate Beckett has rocked. Seriously, she looks completely different from Season One. 

Part of the fun of these two being stuck in the apartment was the argument over who liked who first. Even the phone call to Espo was hilarious. Who did like whom first? I’m saying Castle, but Beckett wasn’t too far behind.

Now, to the biggest moment of the nigh:  In fear that she had minutes left, Beckett blurted out the words we've been waiting to hear. Right to Castle’s face, in face: “Rick, I love you.” As a Caskett shipper, I can’t help but say, IT”S ABOUT TIME. 

These two have really grown as a couple in an amazing way that hasn’t ruined the show at all. It’s rare to have the main characters maintain a successful relationship without losing the spark. Castle returned the exchange and all is well in the last of Casket.

Side Notes:

  • I know I wasn’t alone in tearing up. Who was with me?
  • A couple quick glances of Captain Roy Montgomery!! I miss this man. Although, Gates is growing on me. Speaking of Gates...
  • She knows about Castle and Beckett! This can add a whole new layer of fun for the writers. Gates looks to be a Caskett shipper!! Join the club, girl!
  • Where was Lanie once again? 
  • Espo is the man. He was ready to take down the suspect to save his friend. The face alone showed how serious he was. I know that Espo is definitely one person you want having your back.
  • You have to love when the writer’s vest returns.

So what did you think of “Still?” Did you enjoy the hour filled of clips or was it a letdown after last week? There are only two episodes left.

Will the writers leave us with an emotional cliffhanger or will it be filled with fun? Hit up the comments and let us know what you think. Until next week, Caskett Shippers!


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I am glad this episode aired after The Squab and The Quail, the episode opening with Casket in bed blended nicely with last week's episode closing with them heading to bed with Kate asking Rick "Where is this going?" Had The Squab and The Quail aired after this episode, as originally planned, it would have seemed like Casket's relationship had taken two steps back from the progress made during Still.


After reading the latest TV guide finale preview issue, I have a feeling that a pregnancy event might be in the works for this couple for next season. This might explain Marlowe's 'left field' comment in the article. Maybe just wishful thinking on my part, but something to look forward to instead of all this on and on fake tension and conflict.


Loved It! Haft to say I was getting a little discouraged from previous episodes, just wasn't to enthused with them. Although I think this episode should have been there 100th episode, since going back and looking at everything that's happened to them. But I definitely enjoyed it.


After last week, then this week, I 100% don't understand what the writers are thinking. This couple needs schizophrenia meds or perhaps a rubber room. But sadly (or maybe happily?) things are going better than earlier in the season where they were non-directional, floundering. This is the most distractingly bad couple writing I've seen on a TV show. Please! Make them move in a direction please!


OMG best episode EVER! I absolutely LOVED the flashbacks. And now Gates knows It's gonna add a whole new layer of fun! All of the scenes with kate&Castle were intense and funny at the same time, only they can do that


This was by far one of the best for Rick and Kate Love for each other the flashbacks miss (Capt. Montgomery,) were great Gates was a surprise and they did what they do best figure out the code was with the help of Espo and Ryan super. This was all about Rick and Kates Love for each other.Rick was going to die with his women and if Rick was standing on the bomb Kate would have stayed with him the who love who first was fun and Espo was a kick.Rick first but Kate not far behind.And after watching last weeks with the rich guy I don't get it that one first and this one second was perfect. I would like Andrew to explain what they were thinking. Two people who would die for each other and then are so far apart the next week or day?.And next week show is a murder that Homeland sercuity is trying to take over looks like a filler to the end of season super show!!! I would say that Still was a super fun Loving scary great show one of the best a little better then Hunt that was mostly about Rick and Alexis and his Dad thou Kate gave him all the backing she could back in NY.


It is disappointing after watching the shows out of sequence to now know that Kate is having doubts about their relationship especially after this episode. So writers, what is the verdict for the season finale? Do we as fans of the show have to endure another angst and anguish off-season and come back to a Beckett and Castle who are no longer a couple? Looks as if it is heading in that direction.


Loved this episode. It is always hilarious when Castle comes out wearing that ridiculous WRITER bulletproof vest. Can that even be true? Are there other vests out there like PRESS that non-police are allowed to wear?
I agree with the lightheartedness of the first year-I do miss that.
Thanks for an entertaining review.


If I didn't think that "Knockout" and "Rise" were the best Castle episode ever, this one would be it. How ingenious was it to NOT have this be the 100th episode? This was brilliant! And the switching of "Still" with SATQ was the best not-planned switch ever. Look at all we got....Montgomery's final talk to Kate....Kate telling Castle ILY....Kate calling her dad...the kiss at the end....Gates showing that she's really a softie at heart.... The show had me at hello and had me weeping (because of Montgomery) at the end. This was a great episode.


Agree with the comments about the relatonship confusion given last two episodes. It makes you wonder if the network people are driving changes to storyline which are in conflict with the writers vision for the couple. Otherwise, the last few episodes make little sense. If there was a drop in ratings during this season, perhaps that drop was due to lack of real development in the relationship by the writers. If you didn't know the past history of the couple and you are just an occasional viewer, a person would think they were just friends rather than lovers. After the Kate Valentine gift episode, I expected things to move forward much faster.

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