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Well, let’s talk about that tension.

Castle aired "The Squab and the Quail" this week, an episode that centered on the attempted murder of a billionaire of whom Castle is jealous and who has quite the interest in a certain beautiful detective.

ABC made the right decision by rearranging “The Squab and the Quail” with “Still,” the installment originally intended to air this week. “Still” features an explosive situation, and in light of the recent tragic events in Boston, ABC flip-flopped the episodes. So there is a slight chance that background pieces between our favorite writer/detective duo could be out of order. We'll find out next Monday.

Ryan and Castle Scene

Watch What You Eat. The weekly murder mystery involved billionaire Eric Vaughn. There was an attempt to both poison and shoot him. Good thing the gorgeous Kate Beckett was on the scene to protect him.

This brought out the jealous side in Castle and I can’t say that I blame him. First, he hit on Kate, then he tried to kiss her. Boy better back up! I don’t really care about his accent or his stunning smile, he is no Richard Castle and Beckett knows that.

Although...there was a slight hesitation from Beckett when Vaughn questioned her relationship, as well as during the kiss. Beckett tried to ask the serious question to her man at the end of the hour. Where is this going? Doesn’t look like she got the answer she wanted. 

Where is this relationship going? Things are serious. They spend the night with each other all the time. Is marriage in the cards for Caskett? Should it be?

Another theme that went throughout this installment was the idea that Castle takes advantage of Beckett. Does he? Sure, the man likes his video games, but I still wouldn't make such a classification. I mean, really, didn’t Beckett take advantage of his feelings for quite some time before they got together? Just saying. 

Side Notes:

  • So did we know that Beckett is the youngest female detective in NYPD history? That’s what I’m talking about girl!
  • It’s always nice to see TV Veteran Ioan Gruffudd on our screen, especially since Ringer has gone off the air.
  • This episode was the first in a while where we saw all of the cast! What a welcome change!
  • How much fun are the boys when they are together?

Overall, a fun episode to lead us into the last few of the season. There were some great Castle quotes - especially from Espo. What did you think, TV Fanatics? Did you enjoy “The Squab and the Quail?"

Sound off in the comments and don’t forget to check back for the Castle Round Table later in the week.


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DeAnn observed:"and though he loves her, she has to understand that he's still immature enough to want to finish a video game match rather than make love to her." As I said before, there is a difference between a moment of mutual desire, and stud service on demand. IF Beckett does not understand that concept, and can not be sensitive to Castle's need to balance love and affection with simple joys, than any long term relationship will be no better than his last two.


Well, I think that Kate and billionaire Eric Vaughn (Ioan Gruffudd) have more sparks (sorry to say) than Kate and Castle do. Don't get me wrong, but Castle is still a boy at heart. Kate needs a vibrant man that knows exactly what he wants! It would add spice to the show yes?


enjoy every ones comments,i don't feel confident that the two will stay together.I'am not taking side but we all know relationships are not easy,but there is a big red flag in their relationship and if they break up no reason to have season 6. amazed no has mentioned this.We all know relationships are a risk-but if you have been in a intimate phyical relationship and the other person told you thei


David, And let's not forget having your sidearm sitting on a desk across the room from you. As for all these people saying Castle needs to propose, why can't we expect Beckett to step up to the plate for once and ask? She is an adult, right?


Though I loved this episode, I agree with Dreamrose that Lanie and Espo need to get Castle and Beckett to have a conversation about their relationship and whether or not it will be leading to marriage. Beckett is scared about going into marriage with Castle, who has been married so many times before to glamorous women, and I don't blame her. He's a rich playboy, and though he loves her, she has to understand that he's still immature enough to want to finish a video game match rather than make love to her. There are good things about guys like that and bad things. The fact that he will always love her and be faithful is great, but his immaturity will shine through every now and then, because that is what he's like. Most men are like that about sports and watching it on TV. It's a guy thing, I think.


I agree with you Dian,may i add virtually every episode he is made to look silly! rating purposes i get-yet he is the one who waited 4 yrs,not many people will wait that long.we all know he loves her, kate has feelings for castle,yet i'am not convinced she loves him,she has never told him!In the past her concern was that he is a player,immature,conceited-yet she has told castle "do you really want to know the # of guys i have slept with"sounds like a player to me and one questions her maturity after last nights episode,(her pulling back again).Seems castle gets a bad rap-yet he is funny,smart,handsome and his insight usally solves the case@ oh yea,works for nothing.Personally she had alot of issues/stuff to work through to be healthy @in a relationship,not sure she is there yet.i don't see castle straying on her,can't say the same for her.He has over the years shown a concern for her feelings,what she went through with her mothers death, does not come across to me,that she has the same caring affection for him on a regular basis.If this pulling back and forth continues, if beckett doesn't end the relationship,castle just may


yep Rotwang as one who has actually been a bodyguard in my past, not watching too much TV but the real thing I can tell you..
Never drink on the job.
Never reveal your personal problems to the client.
And Never, never, never even remotely get close to kissing the client in front of a window. If it came out that your even almost kissing the client, your out on your ass.
Kate doing all of this made her look like a bungling amateur fool. She did all the things your not supposed to do.
However Ryans hasty exit stage left made me laugh.
-5 rating still hate it very painful to watch


Thought this episode was really awesome, though the end was kind of lame. I am not sure if becketts 'where is this going' was clear enough for castle, and the writers are gonna clarify that he didnt understand the question, or if this was just poorly written and made it seem like castle dismissed the question.


Castle is doing like he did when he told Beckett twice he loved her. He is afraid if he ask her to marriage he might run her off since she has issues with his feelings. You would think that she had learn her leason but it will take her saying they are through for him to ask. I pray that this season will end on a postive note but I have my doughts the writiers will want it to end with a breakup. If so I dont think they will ever marry I hope I am wrong.


I think that her question at the end came out of nowhere and I am sure threw off a little. True he should been able to answer but he has always been the one that has always watched out for her feelings first. I am sure that he doesn't want to say his true feelings and at the same time worry that if he is too far into this thing with her that she might bolt. But this whole thing of them "not talking about things" needs to stop. I for one hope that they get in sync by the finale. And that they are still together and not one of these will they won't they be together over the summer. That would be a TERRIBLE TERRIBLE thing. I want them to take their time and do this right. After all it took them too long and took them going through so much just to get to this point that it would be awful just to tear them apart. So please Marlowe and Co do not tear them apart and get them closer together. Please Please Please!!!

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