Chicago Fire Review: A Stunning Accusation

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There was a lot happening in "Ambition," thanks to old rivalries, old flames and bold accusations.

But the installment also has the unenviable task of trying to bridge last week’s heartfelt and emotional episode with stories that will probably make for some riveting plot points as Chicago Fire Season 1 heads to its conclusion, though the necessary setup that comes along with these new elements also made the episode feel slightly flat.

An Extra Set of Hands

First off there’s Tara and her incredibly dumb decision to accuse Kelly of trying to force himself upon her. There’s no way her accusation can hold up under scrutiny. Shay, and her episode in their apartment with Kelly, can attest to Kelly being nothing but nice and cordial to Tara.

Tara’s decision isn’t shocking; she made the bold move to quit design school and become a paramedic. Unfortunately, she doesn’t have the ability to go somewhere else when faced with gore. Tara cannot take a minute to compose herself when her patients are quite literally dying right in front of her.

Tara, at this point, has nothing else to lose. Her family has already cut their support and she can’t exactly show her paramedic proficiency when she’s been cut. So she took the chance with Kelly to see where it might get her. It’s sad that she feels she needs to go to such extremes.

Speaking of extremes, the hormones and Hermann’s wife’s pregnancy scare prove to be a lethal combination for Shay. The closest I’ve ever been to pregnancy is my niece and nephew so I’m by no means an authority on mood swings, but, at some point, Shay’s fears over being a potential single mother with no Kelly in sight must be playing a huge role as she is going off on Kelly.

Shay has been driven and focused on just getting towards conception, and tonight might have finally shown her what happens after. There’s potential for miscarriages, absentee fathers and an entire gamut of things that can go wrong. What’s most surprising about Shay’s outburst is the effect it has on Kelly; instead of calling Shay out on her temporary lunacy, Kelly doubles down and recommits to her.

Sometimes Kelly is too nice.

Casey and Mills and the reignited rescue and truck proxy fight fell mostly flat. The small acts of revenge Casey can get away with because Mills is a candidate are fun... but, aside from that, Casey’s annoyance at Mills showing an interest in rescue rings false. Like the guys point out, some it is probably due to Mills’ relationship with Dawson, but Casey should just try to nurture and develop Mills into a good firefighter not deride him for wanting to learn and be better (even if that means he needs to let a promising candidate go).

Thankfully, Casey and Dawson still make for a good distraction from the pettiness. The small moments they shared together looking for the door, and the subsequent picture in front of it, were full of chemistry. Dawson and Casey just have a better connection than Mills and Dawson have ended up having.

While I liked Mills and Dawson in the beginning, in practice they’re just not in the spot yet. Dawson is where she wants to be with her career and she’s not a candidate; Mills is a candidate and still trying to figure out where he wants to take his career and his time commitments are being stretched thin. Boden’s warnings to him are beginning to ring true, he should keep his head down and hone his craft.

Even if Mills and Dawson are beginning to fizzle, my least favorite person ever has shown her face again: Hallie. There are no words for Hallie just contempt.

“Ambition” was a strong episode of Chicago Fire (as they all are), but this one won’t be the one I remember most as I look back on the season. It was more a transition episode.


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I have decided to list the TV Shows that have sexual interaction between same sex people. I do not mind what people do behind closed doors, but please don't bring it into my living room. I have been pondering that maybe the writers/producers think this conduct is not only acceptable, fashionable. I do not appreciate it and I don't want to view it. Therefore, I decided to post my objection here because of tonight's episode. Other than that, I really enjoy watching Chicago Fire.


I can´t believe that Hallie came back, the worst character ever!
I used to want Dawson with Casey but while I like their chemistry I prefer her with Mills now. They are so cute and fun! All three are my favourite characters.

Leon alexis

She?! That's because I'm not a dog.
I like Severide's dad,especially his:"MY ASS!" nice man! I hope I'll see him again.


Who was the girl at the end of episode 20?? I guess I started watching Chicago Fire a few episodes too far into the season.


Please no Hallie. Please make her go away.


Loved the Casey/Dawson scenes, they are my favorite couple! Missed Herman!


I was not happy with the way Casey was being a jerk to Mills. Casey you are better than that. Severide is too nice to Shay which means they would be the perfect couple for each other. Shay is going to scratch that lying Tara's eyes out. She was the one coming on heavy to Severide and everyone at the station saw it! I like Mills but he is too young for Dawson. Dawson and Casey are a great couple. I loved the picture by the door. Why is boring Hallie back? She drives me crazy she is worse than Juliette on Grimm and that is bad! I love this show and tell all my friends to watch it. I did not see a preview for next week. When is the next show? I saw in USA Today that this show and Parenthood will be back next season. I sure hope so along with Grimm!


You forgot to mention the scene that the guy who wore a wire and helped arrest Voight was shot and killed.


This episode was a little slow but I loved all the casey/dawson and shay/kelly.Both couples have massive chemistry and tons of ust.I too cant stand hallie.She is boring and unecessary and her and casey have zero chemistry.Its getting old watching casey and dawson go in circles,i hope something happens soon.


The relationship between Kelly & Shay is one of the top reasons I watch this show. It's multi-tiered and could take off in several different ways but only if the characters were to be untrue to their nature. I don't think Shay is going to 'go straight' to have a baby. I truly hope she has thought this through and the mishap with Hermann's wife should have given her pause for thought. Anything can happen.
I am so impressed by the actors on this show but it occurs to me that the writers should be taking bows. They took the time to develop each character so the viewer doesn't get lost like on other shows. I interrupted viewing my babeball team to see Chicago Fire although I DVR it every week just because I had to know what was going to happen.
I LOVE this show!

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