Clip of the Week: The Good Wife Meets The Vampire Diaries!

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It's only Monday, but it's safe to say a two-minute exchange between Kalinda and Diane on last night's episode of The Good Wife has already cinched the title of Clip of the Week.

That's what happens when the investigator discovers that someone has hacked into her boss' email... and penned chapter after chapter of Vampire Diaries fan fiction in her account.

Be warned, readers, the scenario explained below gets rather raunchy. And also be warned: it gets rather hilarious:

Seriously, though, Diane: You haven't heard of The Vampire Diaries?!?

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LOL. You know you've got people riled up when they start commenting on a miniscule spelling error. And after my explicit remarks about my message preferences and the intended audience people still feel the need to call my name in an attempt to make me feel......what exactly? Regret for leaving this piece of shit behind or are you trying to make me give up one of my fav hobbies of trolling the shit out of everything TVD related? Especially when i'm sitting through 2 hours of thermochemistry. FAT CHANCE BITCHES! Keep em coming.....


The amusing part is that Red feels the urge to return a comment to every person who dislikes what she says, despite alleged zero fucks. That and the poor grammar.


@Nina. Why the fuck would I care what you watch and think and for that matter why the fuck should you care what I think? My comment is for me and my fellow hating/trolling on TVD friends in this forum.
@EVERYONE......Hears a thought. Stop calling my name and commenting after me if you don't like what I have to say. The fucks I give cannot be counted on one finger.


About the clip: loved it!! I love both shows!!! *.* RedOktober: Seriously? Both shows are fiction.. Some things on TGW would never happen in real life either. TVD may be a teen fiction but it doesn't make it "lame" or "shit". I happen to watch and love both because they are reeeeealllyyy diferent from each other.

Mrs elijah smith

Seriously? lmfao


redoktober.. okay yeesh I'm sorry I was just wondering. No need to get angry.


@Aishi. Cool your tits. I don't remember ever making my comments out to you TVD lovers. So if you don't like what I have to say.....DON'T FUCKING READ IT! If you would bother to go to the forum and see the vastness of our thread discussions...90% have NOTHING to do with your beloved crapfest. So stay pressed and ignore me, cause I sure as hell don't answer to you hon.


redoktober.. you come on every vampire diaries thing on this website and comment about how you hate it ? why ? LOL if you hate it so much stop reading about it.

Dancing eyes

Lol,wtf was that!*DEAD*


........Seeing TVD on a legit show like that just drives home the ridiculous inadequacies of this lame show. Her expression said it all. WTF? Can't my housekeeper find something better to fap about on TV. Glad I'm over that shit.

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