Colin Hanks Lands Key Role in NCIS Season 10 Finale Arc

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Colin Hanks will guest star on NCIS next month, and his role sounds like a crucial one.

The 35-year-old actor will appear in NCIS Season 10's final two episodes, May 7 and May 14, as Department of Defense Investigator Richard Parsons, and when he first appears, look out.

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Executive producer Gary Glasberg describes Parsons as “Ken Starr, J. Edgar Hoover and an angry pitbull wrapped into one" and says Hanks will help “make it a truly memorable finale.”

The show returns April 23 with "Berlin," the first of four new episodes to finish off the season. As we saw last night (see our NCIS review of "Chasing Ghosts"), we can expect fireworks.

What role do you think Hanks' character will play in the season-ending drama?

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@Michael: Yes, we all know how to read. I suppose you will say that someone is pretending to be CBS.


I guess we wont know till we see it but according to the season finale spoiler CBS let the FBI/CIA/Homeland people go after them for whatever they do.


@Michael: And I'll bet you were the sixteen year old posing on Twitter as someone else!


@Michael: Oh, for God's sake. I've seen those pictures. Tony is wearing a T-shirt/undershirt and he and Ziva are in a hotel room. He is wearing the same outfit when they are on the screen in MTAC talking to Gibbs. And I resent your comment that TIVA fans hate people. You need to grow uup!


@Michael Michael, I have seen the picture. If you look closely at the furnishing in the rooms, Tony would appear to be in a hotel room -- probably the one he is sharing with Ziva. Now it does look like he might be wearing a German prison uniform, but it may very well be part of whatever undercover operation they are engaging in to try and get Bodnar.


@Guest! your putting word in my month you said Michael Weatherly hated the EJ character and the actress and you said that Michael wish she would die in real life and I look it up on Youtube he said no such thing because unlike Tiva fan Michael weathlery does not hate people. Also Twitter is a socail media website like myspace or facebook so you don't know if the person your talking to is that person look at CM the actor who play Gideon said on his twitter he was coming back to the show Everyone got happy until it was found out that a 16 year old high school kd was hehide it


@michael michael the only thing thats not real is you.


Woohoo!! I'm thrilled any time Mike Franks shows up! Of course, he'll either be in a flashback or perhaps just in Gibbs' thoughts, but I love that character. Stupidest thing they ever did (and they've done some REAL stupid stuff) was kill him off! Colin Hanks is playing a federal prosecutor, so somebody's gonna be in deep trouble and wind up fired and/or facing jail. Vance? Gibbs? the whole team? Should be good.


@Michael: uh, TVLine has reported that Muse Watson is coming back. Unlike you, I don't post comments of this nature unless I am positive they are true. Anything that is a guess or speculative in nature on my part I note as such.

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