Family Guy Review: That Peter Ain't Right

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Family Guy's "Bigfat" went downhill very quickly.

It started off with a sudden American Dad crossover that was at least entertaining because hey, American Dad is a good show. Then, it turned into a dream sequence with Hank Hill before eventually becoming a Family Guy homage to the King of the Hill title sequence.

Peter Turns Feral

The rest of the episode? Well, the plot never really felt like it got going on one consistent thread.

Peter, Joe, and Quagmire wound up wanting to go to Montreal because Quagmire knew French (and that they have great strip clubs)... then their plane crashed after Peter did a Twilight Zone homage.

Then they ended up having to survive in the wilderness, with Peter getting lost while Joe and Quagmire were found. We then jumped ahead two months. There was even an unnecessary "we weren't looking for him because we thought he was black" joke that felt racist and too immediate to be sensical, much less funny.

There was a "new pope" joke at the beginning that fell flat because of the actual new pope taking a new name. Most of the quips felt like they were in the show's recent far-too-low-brow style. Some of the randomness was funny, at least, especially Consuela being a curling champion.

Peter going feral didn't really last long enough, nor had any great comic consequences. It just wasn't nearly as funny as it could or should have been, minus perhaps Peter getting his humanity back by way of wanting Meg to shut up. It all felt like an extremely-missed opportunity.

It was all half-baked. Survival was a theme in the Family Guy Season 11 premiere. Most of the jokes felt like lazy references that should have gone further than they did. None of the plot threads were given any room to develop. This could have been a lot better than it turned out to be, but instead was just mostly mediocre. Still, it had the King of the Hill homage, which justified the whole half-hour.

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continued..... Stan Smith & Hank Hill, even though Stan is seriously repressed & stuck back in the 50's in many ways, & Hank Hill is obsessed with his status at Strickland Propane ( If I had a boss like Buck Strickland, I wouldn't cover for him so much, but H.H. almost ** worships ** him. ) Hank still manages to be a loving, if restrained / tight - a**ed, father & husband. Cleveland also appears to be a good father to his blended family.


The 2 episodes of FG that I REALLY honest - to - God liked were a) the one where Stewie & Brian were locked in the bank vault over the weekend, & b) the episode where Brian agrees to donate his kidneys to Peter to save his life after Peter destroys his kidneys by drinking his home - made energy drink, then Stewie abducts him so he can't donate his kidneys, basically because he thinks Peter isn't worth the sacrifice. He reveals that Brian means a lot to him, even though they've had major differences ( He even killed another dog, put Brian's collar on him & put the body in a burning building to fake his death & show Brian that he DOES mean something to the family. ). Some of the BEST FG episodes have been Stewie & Brian - centric. In a lot of episodes, Peter just comes across as a dim - witted buffoon who never thinks of the consequences of his actions, which can get dull. Homer Simpson may get into shenanigans, but he still cares about his family, unlike Peter. So does Stan Smith. Ditto Hank Hill, even though he puts his propane business 1st. Even Cleveland is more of a real " Family Guy ".


I thought that Family Guy's new episode of "Bigfat" was pretty funny. LOL!!!!! Carter Dotson...dude, you need to (1) lighten up and (2) stop constantly bashing Family Guy. For example, you were WAY TOO HARSH with your review of "Criss Cross", which was a TRULY funny episode...LOL!!!!! And, I totally agree with Ugh...from now on, let someone else review Family Guy...someone who has more of an open mind. Period. Until next time...Peace.


@Ugh EXACTLY! It's been made quite clear that Carter doesn't really care for Family Guy, it's style of humor, or it's characters, yet for some reason he's decided to spend his time reviewing it. Somebody who doesn't understand how a particular show/book/movie etc works and why isn't going to rate it well regardless of how good it is, but somebody who does understand is able to distinguish between what is genuninely good about it and what is truly bad. In short, Carter, if you don't like a show, you shouldn't be reviewing it.


Each week you have nothing but negative things to say about Family Guy. It's getting sickening. Let someone who doesn't hate the show review it.


"Well, the plot never really felt like it got going on one consistent thread." Carter, have you ever actually watched Family Guy before? No episode of Family Guy has a plot that was on anything that could possibly be considered "a consistent thread" from it's very first episode. Jumping around from story to story several times an episode without really ever finishing whatever the previous story was has always been standard fare for the show's entire existence.


why don't you guys review American Dad. It's very underrated and I find it a lot funnier than Family Guy

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