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Glee Season Finale Pics: All or Nothing

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It will be "All or Nothing" for various characters on the Glee Season 4 finale, as New Directions head to Regionals... Rachel may be heading to Broadway... and Blaine considers an important question for Kurt:

Does he want to head to the altar?

As previously spoiled, Patty Duke (below) will guest star on the May 9 installment, offering important words of advice for Blaine upon such a monumental life moment. With the series already renewed for Seasons 5 and 6, look for the veteran actress to recur in the fall as well.

Click through the following photos now for an early look at scenes from the finale:

Patty Duke on Glee
  • Regionals Performance Pic
  • Regionals Photo
  • Glee Season 4 Finale Photo
  • Regionals Photo

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