Grey's Anatomy Photo Preview: Bailey Under Fire

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The embattled Miranda Bailey is under fire on the next Grey's Anatomy.

In the first of four episodes that will wrap up Grey's Anatomy Season 9 this spring, Bailey finds herself at the center of a CDC investigation surrounding the death of several of her patients.

Also in the show's April 25 return episode, Jackson and the rest of the board argue over the crisis, Cristina teases Alex about Jo, April confronts her own issues, and Owen cares for Ethan.

If you missed it, watch the Grey's Anatomy promo for next week.

Then check out photos from "Sleeping Monster" here.

Bailey Scene
Bailey Under the Gun
Bailey in 'Sleeping Monster'
Sleeping Monster Pic
Doctor A. Karev M.D.
Karev in the NICU
Karev Nemesis
Tension With Alex
Alex and Jo Talk
Karev in Pink
Karev in NICU
Jackson and April Talking
April and Her Man
Av and Ap

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I am wondering why Bailey's husband was not included in this episode...with such a tramatic situation going on, the support of her spouse seems like it would have been written into the script


oh no ... Alex and Jo... Im so over it already
I really hope they wont end up together! Alex is acting like an idiot

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