Grey's Anatomy Review: The Monster's Awake Now

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Is there another show on prime time that can make you laugh, tug at your heartstrings and scare you in a matter of seconds as well as Grey’s Anatomy? I don’t think so.

Grey’s returned this week with "Sleeping Monster," an installment that centered around an investigation into Bailey and some relationship breakthroughs with our favorite docs. Let’s discuss...

Bailey Scene

The CDC Is In The House. After the death of two of Bailey’s patients, the CDC decided to visit for an investigation. This definitely put Bailey on the outside of things, but luckily she still has some friends in her corner. Meredith definitely had her mentor’s back, but some of the others... not so much. Miranda had a fight with Webber after he defended the hospital and Jackson insisted on putting the hospital first. As much as I love Bailey, you can’t blame Jackson for what he was doing. He is a board member of this hospital. 

In the best case scenario, Bailey wasn’t at fault, although she does carry the strain. What is life going to be like after this? I can’t imagine it’s going to be easy for her.

We must give some serious kudos to Chandra Wilson and the amazing acting she did during this episode. Girlfriend rocked. 

The Death Toll Rises. After the death of the third infected patient of Bailey’s, Ethan’s mom suffered a brain injury and passed. I cannot be alone in loving that this small backstory has carried on over a few episodes. It puts Owen in a different light. An admirable light. There is compassion and sadness and all I want is for his dad to wake up. Does anyone else have the gut feeling that if the dad died, Owen may try to be a father to this kid? Yang admitted to losing him and Owen wants to be a father. This could be his chance.

Admitting Is Half The Battle. Alex finally did it! In one of the best scenes of the hour, Alex admitted to Cristina that he is in love with Jo. Two things:

  1. It’s about time!
  2. How much fun would it be to live in that bitter and screwed up house with Yang and Alex?
Karev in Pink

Problem is Jo has plans to move in with Jason and Alex ruined things by filling him in on Jo’s foster child past. Although Alex has done a lot of dumb things, this definitely wasn’t intentional. He really just cares about her. Who wouldn’t assume that two people who have decided to move in with each other would already know about each other’s past? Jo was a little harsh in telling Alex to never talk to her again. My guess? The two get together by the finale. If anyone has earned it, it’s Alex.

April’s Blame Game. Once again, Kepner decided to blame Jackson for their relationship and her sleeping with him. We get it, you were saving yourself. But it takes two to play this game and I’m pretty sure we are all with Jackson in saying we’re over it. She was a part of it too. Luckily for her, Matthew showed up and apologized. Things aren’t looking too good for the Jackson/April fans right about now. 

Side Notes:

  • Bailey gave the voice overs at both the beginning and end of the hour. Anyone else miss Mer’s soothing tones?
  • How sweet was annoying Uncle Al from the family reunion?
  • Meredith wants to have the baby naturally and wants Cristina in the room with Derek. This led to some of the best Grey’s Anatomy quotes of the season. 

What did you think, TV Fanatics? Was “Sleeping Monster” up to par or a little slow for the end of the season? Season Nine is winding down; only three new episodes left ...

Any predictions for what is to come? Will Alex and Jo get together? Will Mer have her baby? Will there be something huge in the finale as only our Shonda knows how to do?

Sound off in the comments and let us know what you think. Make sure to check out our Grey’s Anatomy Round Table early next week and chime in on the installment. 


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Great episode!!!! :) I loved that Matthew came back and asked April for a do-over or a second chance, because in the end that is all that April really wants is a second chance about her virginity. Her problem with Jackson is that she will ALWAYS blame him for taking her virginity, therefore it's like Christina and Owen and the baby issue he wants kids and she doesn't. I think that Christina rocks as she is and Meredith said it best that she deserves someone who is like her and doesn't want kids. So I am hoping for Matthew to be April's person because he totally gets her. Just Alex and Jo deep down they both are perfect for each other, which is awesome. =D


One thing I noticed in the April/Jackson/Matthew scene was that Matthew said, "You made a mistake..." I think the "out" will be that April realizes as Jackson told her, it was NOT a mistake. (Also glad for zero Stephanie face time!)
Owen/Ethan...if it happens that Owen could adopt Ethan, this might be parenting that Cristina could baby, no giving birth.
Alex...when he tells Jo how he feels, it will be all over for Jason. After all, it seems he backstory must have been disturbing for him.
Callie is awesome.
Bailey...I have mixed feelings about her right now. She would have been all in if it were someone else carrying the mesa. She did not give the chief a chance to explain. This may be a way to send her to LA to live with her husband...just a thought. Shondra makes changes.


Oh Bailey has gone up in my estimation. She scrubs in by listening to Aretha Franklin. I love Aretha. It was great to hear her music on GA! :)))

Sarah silva

April is annoying once again! Enough of blaming Jackson, he was way more kind to her than she deserved.

Sarah silva

I can understand Bailey being upset at what is going on, however she should not be taking out her anger on everyone else. If she would have known that Mer, Der, Callie, Christina and Arizona were all on her side but had to be political then she may feel a little bad for thinking they all are against her. Also Webber was doing whatever he could to get the parents of the one patients to let Webber work on their son, either way the son would have died and I think Webber new that but wanted to take the blame for that death himself, to take the heat off Bailey. However she blew up at him! Next week it looks like she wants nothing to do with the other doctors, Bailey needs to stop being angry at them!
I was happy Alex admitted he was in love Jo. We will see if they get together!
I loved the ending with Christina and Alex.
I bet that Owen will adopt Ethan.
I too think Jo was way to harsh on Alex, Jo should be honest with a guy she is moving in with.
April is annoying once again! Enough of blaming Jackson, he was way more kind to her than she deserved.


I love the scenes were they vote to shut Jackson out


one of my favorite scenes was probably the ending. i love when alex and christina are together on the bed.


I agree with Bailey, I mean where is the loyalty, after all they had been through I was sad that now everyone had her back completely, the only one who was immensely awesome was Meredith, she had her back


Hehehe ! I was right about Ethan ! But I am also sad on how Ethan's mother died ... Poor Bailey indeed. The chief against her and doesn't have her back. Just ridiculous. It was so sweet when Matthew came back and go together with April :)


How could you miss the last scene with Chief and Bailey. She hit him where it hurt. And he deserved it. She was right she always has his back. Missed her wedding for him. And when it comes time for him to show his loyalty he does. But its to the hospital. Disappointed in the ex-chief.

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