Grey's Anatomy Season Finale Spoilers: Superstorm Warning!

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Grey's Anatomy's Season 9 finale has a date, a title and a foreboding synopsis.

It certainly seems fitting, in a sense, that following the severe weather events that have struck the U.S. in recent years, a natural disaster is heading straight for Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital.

It also seems fitting because this is what Grey's Anatomy does in its finales.

After several cryptic tweets from showrunner Shonda Rhimes, sources close to the ABC medical drama confirm that the Grey's Anatomy Season 9 finale will feature a superstorm, a la Sandy.

The natural disaster will begin in the penultimate episode of the season, "Readiness Is All," on May 9, with the system arriving with full force in the May 16 finale, titled (what else) "Perfect Storm."

Derek: Handsome Fella

The superstorm will affect the newly renamed hospital and "cause its staff to go into crisis mode in an hour that is being described as very intense with a lot of "major" things changing for the characters.

Shonda Rhimes says the writing staff made some "very bold [and] shocking decisions" after "very intense discussions ... I warned you about the GA finale so you could brace yourself. Hug a friend."


The Season 9 finale disaster comes after a season that began with the loss of Lexie and Mark, followed by uphill battles as the crash survivors battled PTSD, lost limbs, financial crises and loved ones.

Previous finales have included the appearance of Addison, Denny's death, Cristina calling off her wedding, George's bus crash, a shooter loose in the hospital and other emotional devastation.

Excited for what might transpire in the Grey's Anatomy Season 9 finale? What, if any casualties will the superstorm bring? Share your comments and predictions with us in the comments below!

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I've been a loyal fan forever, but I must admit if anything happens to Mer baby I will NOT WATCH GREYS NEXT SEASON. We've had enough death with Lexie&Sloan...I'd love to see Owen adopt the boy and see Christina soften and accept, but I know I l love happy endings...I'm tired & cried out with all the pain


I wonder whays going to happen with Callieand Arizona


The baby better be ok or even as someone who has seen every episode more than once I will NEVER watch this show again!!!


I think, if anyone dies, April's fiance will die, opening the option back up for she and Jackson, because I actually liked them together.


Come on's time for a happy final....please don't let anything happen to Mer,Derick,or the baby...we have seen enought of the cast dying.


I really miss Lexie. So wish they didn't kill her off!! Such a mistake!


oh god. just let them have a happy finale. better not hurt the baby.
is the finale just gonna be an hour?
mer would probably have stress induced labour maybe even in an elevator that's stuck. stuff happens in elevators man.
really hope no one dies this time.
any news with what shows are being renewed


im hoping mer goes into labor in this finale and it ends with the fetus being born happy and healthy. this finale SHOULD end at a happy note!


@ Cristina. She did call off the wedding at the last mintute and Burke packed his bags and left in a heart beep. I really hope no one else dies. Meredith deseves to have a heathy baby and live happily ever after.


I've been making jokes all season long about a tsunami hitting the hospital. What a good call.

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