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"One Angry Fuchsbau" was a rather modest episode for Grimm Season 2.

The callbacks, small moments and humor made for a fun, but mostly lighthearted installment. But that's about it.

On The Jury

The references to “La Llorona’s” spiritual grandma reminded us Juliette’s upcoming choice and further shed a little bit more on the type of decisions and world’s she’s about to enter: one filled with light or one filled with darkness.

Juliette isn’t sure what is real and what isn’t and the choice she’s going to make is going to lead her to a world with light or a world covered in darkness. I have a difficult time buying that Juliette’s dilemma has anything to do with the traditional good and evil archetypes because Grimm is never anything close to traditional and Juliette, for all her annoyances and faults, is a genuinely good character.

Juliette’s choice could end up being far simpler: a world filled with light is a world where she knows the truth, and a dark world is a world where she’s oblivious to what’s going on. The Grandma again reminds her that she has a choice to make, but, hypothetically, Juliette has already experienced a world filled with darkness. She’s currently living in it. She’s haunted by her reemerging memories of Nick; it’s literally a world where there’s a dark spot in her life.

If Juliette chooses to embrace those memories of Nick and to believe what he told her about the trailer and him, she’s in a world of light or enlightenment. She just needs to find the mental courage and fortitude to take the leap.

The longer arcs for the season didn’t get much play time with Renard getting a whopping single scene to clue Nick and Hank in on who went after him and to remind us of the Verrat. I guess he was such a badass last week he needs to be relegated to a few sentences to make up for it.

A Few More Thoughts:

  • Mama Burkhardt is dropping Nick an email to check in. I hope this means we’ll get a return visit from her before the season is out.
  • Adalind already has the pregnancy glow and Eric is planning a trip to see Renard.
  • “Dropping toad” and Monroe’s entire scene trying to inject that frog is probably the most humorous Grimm has ever gone. I hope we can see Grimm’s sense of humor more often.


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my 2 cents....once again the writers have wasted airtime on their Juliette storyline....nothing personal against the Actress who plays the character but by chance is she related to one of the writers or possibly the producer etc???....can they PLEASE write her character out of the script!! enough already! grrrrrrr
Juliette aside I thought the rest of the episode was good and fun...not the best episode this season but definitely a fun one.


Oh I forget the show where Monroe's ex, the girl with the red hair, was killed that was a surprise/sad/good show and not because of the shirtless rage with Renard.


conti...... and which brother she is going to drop the boom on? I think the baby will be Eric's but she knows he will not be happy about it so she will tell Renard it is his and he will protect her. There are only 5 more shows this season so the writers need to step it up already. You have wasted so much of this short season on boring Juliette! Last season I gave this show an A but this season I only give this show a C+ and that is because of Monroe and Rosealee. The first show this season with Kelly/the show before the stupid 3 month break and the show after the stupid 3 month break and the show last week with Renard and the bomb where great but other than that this season has been a real snooze!


I really love this show but this season has been a real disappointment. The writers have wasted most of this short season on Juliette being clueless, weak, stupid, a b to Nick,running after Renard, being ok last week to this week just being plan boring. Why did you bring the Spanish speaking lady back to only have her tell Juliette the same thing she told her the last time? She was a waste of time. How stupid does Juliette need to be...Talk to Nick already and once again why give Nick the drink and not have him kiss Juliette. The kiss is part of what started this! Less boring Juliette/Renard and more Renard trying to stop his family! I love Renard but even he has boring this year when he was such a badass last year! You can do all the shirtless rages you want on the NBC website or youtube but it is not working. He was a better last year with his shirt on! All we get is an email from Kelly? More Kelly less boring Juliette! I wonder when Adalind is going to drop the baby boom and on which brother? I still think it is Eric's baby and he will not be happy about it. There are only 5 more shows this season so the writers need to move it along already. Last season I rated this show an A but this season I only give it a C+ and that is only because of Monroe and Rosealee! Get it together writers!


@kaitcat - From what we know so far, the wesen only see Nick as a Grimm when he recognizes them as wesen; when they woge and he sees their true form. Otherwise they're unaware of who he is. Kellogg never changed in front of Nick.


I enjoyed this episode a lot - it's nice to have a little light-heartedness thrown into the (pardon the pun) grim nature of the show. I really enjoyed the whole conspiracy to set the lawyer up to get his sweat, Bud is always amusing, and Monroe with the toads/Hank-Nick distracting was just pure comedy. On the flip-side, I also love angry Monroe. Don't mess with the Blutbad's woman! I also like how they use Hank's learning about the Grimm world to remind us what the different levels of conspiracy are - quite frankly, I completely forgot who the Verrat were. Juliette's storyline is just moving WAY too slowly. I was hoping that the Spanish woman would shed some more light than the vagueries she brought. Also, the scene with Adalind and Renard's brother was a little out of place in this episode.


I'm just wondering why Kellogg didn't seem to recognize Nick as a Grimm. It always seemed that Wesen just in general knew on sight that Nick is a Grimm. Is it something Nick can mask/turn on and off? Ditto with the DISH spam. Enough already. :eyes:


Actually, I take that back. I've gotten so accustomed to Juliet's boring stories, but when when I think about it, the screen time could have been used on something interesting that elevated the entire ep beyond just cute. Instead, the B story was a forgettable waste. I held out longer than most in deciding Juliet needs to go, but when it became obvious last week that her arc is only getting her memories back, and in the process, literally rehashing scenes we've already watched in all their boring glory, I gave up. This episode just further confirms the series would be better served getting rid of the character, because they don't have anything interesting to do with Juliet.


Monroe and the toads was the best scene of the episode. The delivery on the line "Two toads. One dose. Seriously?" was perfect. Nick and Hank's Abbot and Costello-esque routine was chuckle-worthy as well. Nothing new or groundbreaking happened, but it was cute and amusing to have them all, including Bud, working together to foil the sleazy lawyer and then celebrate at the end. Not the best Grimm, but a cute episode with nothing really to fault.

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