Hannibal Review: Left Behind

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"Coquilles" was technically the fifth episode of Hannibal Season 1, but in light of the events in Boston last week, the fourth episode was pulled.

NBC did post webisodes of the now-forgotten episode for viewers, but not everyone has watched them. Therefore, this review will operate without the knowledge or context of them.

Hannibal's New Patient

A theme that really stood out for “Coquilles” was the idea of being left behind. This motif was broached from the side of religion and the side of the human condition, and at times Lecter seems to be the master of ceremonies. Will is clearly growing more broken as he logs more hours on the cases and even his only respite of dreaming and sleeping is giving up on him.

Not even Will’s body is able to subconsciously process the violence that he witnesses and steps into, and, in an effort to cope, his body quite literally sweats it out or moves him as far away as possible from the trauma and stress. Lecter’s greatest strengths aren’t in his creepy quotes about animal cruelty or his intricate copycat killings. They are the mind games he can exude; he quite blatantly tries to pit Jack and Will against each other.

For The Angelmaker, the killer, the idea of being left begins right in his brain. His motive is changing and with no real answers over what is going on in his body he’s left to murder people and give them wings to pray for him. It’s incredibly sick and twisted, yet it’s portrayed in such a way that it’s somewhat mesmerizing.

The biggest reveal came in the form of Jack’s wife, Bella, who is suffering from Stage 4 Lung Cancer. Jack is a model worker for the bureau and he’s usually the man with the answers. But how can a man with so much control be able to cope with something beyond his control? Will he end up being left behind?

Most of all, Lecter is able to squeeze himself into another aspect of his coworkers lives and that comes with power and privilege. Instead of working just the Will angle, Lecter can now work Will and Graham simultaneously to try to find a way out. He realizes his biggest weakness is going to be the friendship Will and Graham are slowly developing - and by attempting to split them now means he can go about his usual activities.


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*Will yells at Jack etc I made the same mistake the reviewer did LOL


Finally catching up... I saw the pre-empted episode; quite frankly, I don't think it added anything to THIS particular episode. The abandonment theme was practically screaming at us the entire episode. It was probably most visible during the scene where Will yells at Graham, and Graham walks away, leaving Will alone under the "angel". I'm probably the only one that thought Hannibal killed the Angelmaker? He seemed slightly perturbed when Will mentioned that the killer sees people for what they are (kinda like a Grimm LOL), and it seems a bit implausible that the guy could string himself up like that... Also - I can't believe they showed the skinned bodies on network television. Wow.


Eddie posted "I didn’t know until today that the pulled episode had been chopped down into webisodes, which I’ll watch shortly" The episode was sliced&diced to make the webisode version. What you will see is NOT the original episode but only the scenes between Hannibal and the daughter of the pilot's killer (the one who had her neck sliced). That relationship is supposed to be a major plot going forth so they wanted to allow it to be seen. What was removed was the "Crime of the Week" sections. The only way to see that is to wait for the Season DVD (where it will hopefully be there between Episode 3 and 5 OR as an additional feature) or locate a BitTorrent from a foreign source where it was broadcast.


I saw the web episode but it does not really say much. I would rather wait for the full episode 4 to be available and watching it. This story of the killer in this episode was quite weak though Hannibal manipulation is always fun to watch. I just hoped this show will last and we will get to see Will capture Hannibal. The way Jack realized about his wife cancer while investigating the case was subtle but good writing. Lawrence Fishburn was good too. As soon as his face changed, I realized he finally got it that his wife is also suffering from cancer. That is pretty good writing.


was on the bubble with this show. Felt like the carnage needed a counter-balance. Have not seen ep4 but in ep5 (Coquilles) Gina Torres brought the humanity. Hope the series makes it & they find a way to keep Bella alive throughout the series. That young lady (Torres) is as classy & graceful in this role as she is in Suits/Jessica.


Ahm...Will and Graham or Will and Jack?

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