Hart of Dixie Review: Zoe vs. The Keg Stand

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"Why Don't We Get Drunk" was an appropriately named episode, considering it was spring break in Bluebell on Hart of Dixie. It goes without being said but I'll say it anyway: it sure as heck looked like fun! I'd like to get drunk in this zany town.

Aside from a surplus amount of alcohol, the infamous Ruby Jefferies returned, stirring up feelings in Lavon and in Annabeth. Brick also had some serious medical issues going on, while Lemon and Wade were bonding.

Zoe & Jonah

The big, sort of dark, twist of tonight was that Brick may have been having some health issues - and I didn't hate it. This is the kind of direction that I like to see because it brings unlikely characters together and makes them forget their differences. I have this feeling that Brick is lying about the results of his tests... or maybe I am hoping he is.

Thank you, Lemon, for growing back up and giving AB permission to be with Lavon! THANK YOU, JESUS! This was my favorite scene in the episode. Go fight for your man. She has truly grown the most.

Bye bye, beautiful Jonah Breeland, I'll miss that intoxicating smile of yours. But HELLO to AB and Lavon, newest couple in Bluebell. I can't say I hate this new pairing but I know I don't like it right now.

Ruby came back, but sadly, not for long. Somehow, Lavon's deep love for her didn't matter after a short rendezvous with AB. Annabeth sure knows how to make an impression on a guy! You go, girl!

Sigh. Here we go again with George and Zoe. That's all I gotta say about that.

The one thing that is bothering me the most about this episode was the possible hint of a Wade/Lemon relationship. I've seen various Hart of Dixie spoilers that point to this happening and it seems that it may be coming true. This is definitely a pairing I never saw and I really don't want to see either.

Let's all hope Hart of Dixie isn't jumping the shark.

On a completely unrelated Hart of Dixie note, I love Jaime King's nails. While I'm on the topic of fangirl approved things, Zoe's hair in this episode was so glamorous and fabulous. I loved it!


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George and Zoe are soooo incredibly boring together. The only times I've ever thought of George as interesting was when he's NOT with Zoe. The brief scenes between Zoe and Wade were ridiculous - it's like the writers are pretending the whole Zade relationship never even happened. Sad. This show is going to turn into another 90210 where everyone dates everyone.


Something I have realised: Now that Z/W have broken up, I have zero interest in Zoe. She could ride off into the sunset with Jonah for all I care. For all intents and purposes the main character of this show, for me, is Wade. I'm way more invested in what happens to him than anyone else. Good thing there's YouTube and recaps for that. Sorry show, you had me but you lost me. If there's a season 3, I might pop in to see what it's about, but otherwise, it's was real while it lasted HOD.


I'm just going to ask a couple of questions: whistling ducks? really? why does it always have to feel contrieved and corny when it's about G and Z? the music could be great but it doesn´t make up for the lack of chemestry or build up to the relationship. And I'm not bashing any characters here, I like G and Z but those kind of scenes are so.... well bleh


I don't understand what or why the writers decided to break up Zoe and Wade. It's pretty obvious that Zoe and George have lost whatever chemistry they once enjoyed. Also I'm pretty tied of Lemon constantly having to have it her way and only allows other to win if forced. She still acts like a 2 year old. These one or two episode hookups have gone through every combination. Guess we will have to start over again. Ick.


Total waste of time. I was dissapointed in the way Zoe and Wade barely acknowledge that they were involved as lovers and have reverted to less than nodding acquaintences. Ho-hum to George and Zoe again...and ZERO chemistry with Jonah. I am going to abandon ship if things don;t improve. Wade and Lemon as partners is fine...and that's all. I hope the writers see the big picture here as Wade and Zoe endgame.


Glad I gave this show up! I don't regret it:( I guess the writers didn't get the memo that the fans want Zoe and Wade & not Zoe and George:( no matter how much they have butchered Wades character! So there

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