Hawaii Five-0 Review: Personal Safety Waiver

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Mockumentaries have been around for a long time (at least since 1964's A Hard Day's Night) and though they became prominent in film in the 1980s, the 2000s have truly belonged to the this type of TV show.

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From full-tilt shows like The Office, to one-off mockumentary episodes of more traditional shows (like this recent episode of Castle), the faux-doc format lets us view a well-known situation with fresh eyes, drawing attention to quirks that get lost to us during long-time fandom, allowing us to see favorite characters in a whole new light.

In the case of "Imi loko ka 'uhane (Seek Within One's Soul)," those fresh eyes belonged to Savannah Walker, a half-sweet, half-calculating talk show host expertly portrayed by Aisha Tyler.

Tyler's Walker was at the center of this week's episode, grabbing most of the best Hawaii Five-0 quotes and taking up the bulk of the screen time.

Tyler did a knock-out job with the role, crafting Walker into just the right kind of annoyingly intrepid reporter - the mutant offspring of Oprah Winfrey and Gale Weathers from Scream. Her energetic performance and (mostly failed) machinations to get info from the team were at least as captivating for me as the episode's gory crime (ewww, skinned arm!) or complex motivations (3-D printers have the potential for great evil, people!).

So what did we learn from looking at the world through Savannah's eyes? We discovered that Bergman has just been waiting for the right opportunity to whip out the hair gel and...was that a cravat? We learned that Kona is awesome at Xbox. We learned that you can say "son of a bitch" on TV.

But most interestingly, we learned that there really is no room for outsiders in the 5-0. Often, mockumentary episode will end with a member of the core cast eventually warming up to and/or breaking down in front of the crew members, letting us see an aspect of their personality they keep closed off from the other characters (yes, it took The Office nine seasons, but it did happen!).

But there was no such last second opening-up here. The 5-0 are a self-contained unit, all of whom would rather do their job in relative anonymity than receive any media glory (well, except for maybe Bergman and that cravat). The greatest insight that this mockumentary yielded is that Chin played the trumpet; but really, its true lesson was that the 5-0 only spill their secrets to each other.

In a season marked by experiments (like viewer-selected endings and retro re-makes), this episode stands out as one of Hawaii Five-0 Season 3's most interesting innovations.

And then, of course, there was Wo Fat. When we last saw him, things looked fairly dire (and bloody) for the ol' super-villain. Is this the end for Wo Fat?? Just kidding, it is never the end for Wo Fat. But I will be very intrigued to see how a hospital-bound Wo Fat plays out for the rest of the season (and whether Doris will show up to seal his fate one way or the other).

What do you think will become of Wo Fat? What's your favorite TV mockumentary episode? Was anyone else reminded of Waterworld when they explained that the tattoo was also a map (what do you mean, I'm the only one who's seen Waterworld?)?


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Cont. I dont blame the actress and I have nothign against Michelle and I will never insult her like many fans do on the internet but it is her character this season that has not wowed me at all, it has been poorly written so I been dissapointed.


The actress Michelle Borth is taking social media sites as she is feeling she is not welcomed in the show by many fans. She post somethingon her facebook the other day, criticizing fans who believe that the only female character acceptable in the show is Kono and people should get over it. But like a friend say if she is so much into social media sites and she has a public FB profile where the public can comment she has to expect people will say things, otherwise she should keep her profile private. She siad something like sometimes she hates social media sites and then added about female characters on the show. I heard also once that she was rude to a fan on the internet who did not like her appeareance on the 3.20 episode and she replied back saying something like ""Sugg it" to that fan if u know what I meant with that phrase.


I had the impression that I'm watching a really bad reality show. Catherin acting like that in front of the camera ... please. It's the end of the season, it was inevitable for Wo Fat to show up but to mix Wo Fat with this show-type story ... really bad choice, the worst I may say :(


By far the what episode ever. Whoever came up with the idea of a talk show host narrating the story line, should be fired


I am not a fan of mockumentaries. I don't have inner ear problems but I found the camera work very annoying. I too am sick of Wo Fat. Kill him off for good. I agree that the story lines are all over the place. It is like they have many teams of writers who never read each other's stuff. There have been much better episodes. They should stick the basic 4 solving action crimes.


worst episode I have ever seen.


Have you all thought that maybe if this terrible writing may continue, it could affect the cast themselves? What if the cast do not like the way the writers are writing their stories? that could happen and if that happens it could be a conflict of interest that may result in a cast member to leave the show as they do not like how the writers are writing their stories to portray on the screen. And I agree that only because Scott has a 7 yr contract does not mean he has to stick with it, he can quit and let go. That is possible. Is like if you are ina job and u sign a contract to stay there for a certain period of time what if u want to leave before ur cotnract is up because you found a better job somewhere else? Noone is forcing u to stay in a job that you do not like or enjoy, u simply quit period.


Steve and all you other "Danno" fans, just because Caan has a 7 year contract (if that's true) doesn't mean he can't either quit or be canned. It happens in the sports world all the time. He is the only real downer in an otherwise great show. When he's not there next season, don't be too surprised...


WORST ever. Whoever sold the series this dopey idea should be fired. 5-0 is good tv. Don't mess it up with hair brained ideas such as the last episode. Stick to the 5-0 that works. The stars of the show have to be shaking their heads at this one.


I dont believe the guy who they got was Wo Fat. I think he escaped.

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Hawaii Five-0 Season 3 Episode 21 Quotes

Chin Ho Kelly: Better call your insurance agent from the car.
Kono Kalakaua: Tell him you want full coverage.
Savannah Walker: You're kidding, right? They're kidding, right?

Savannah Walker: If you weren't a cop, what would you be?
Chin Ho Kelly: Jazz trumpet.
Savannah Walker: Really? Like Miles Davis?
Chin Ho Kelly: Well, there's only one Miles Davis. Maybe that's why I became a cop.