Heroes to Actually Be Revived by MSN?!?

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With the television world chock full of spinoffs - from The Originals to Ravenswood - MSN and Xbox are reportedly considering a very unexpected series revival:

Sources tell TV Line that the companies may resurrect Heroes as part of their original programming plans.

Yes, the same Heroes that died a slow and very painful death on NBC many years ago, finally going off the air in February 2010.

Nathan's Funeral

Talks are in the very early stages and any resurrection would involve new characters and new stories, with former cast members - such as Jack Coleman and Masi Oka - stopping by for cameos if their schedules permitted.

What do you think, TV Fanatics? Would you want to see a new version of Heroes?

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It would really be awesome to have Heroes revived on television again.


They should totally bring this back. Heroes deserves a second chance. They just need to beef up the writing and go with a director that has a strong sense of direction.


wow really??


Yeah, my 1st thought was to wonder if this was a Kickstarter film effort. Anyway, I'd love to see loose ends addressed, not the least of which was the revelation to the world of powered beings living amongst us, and possible consequences (public acceptance vs. lynch mob hysteria). And do Noah's years of manipulation/abuse of such people mean he can look forward to those same victims stepping forward and pressing charges against him for his crimes? No, I don't share the negative "good riddance" view that detractors do, with so much potential left (I wonder why it wasn't continued as an ongoing web comic, given the abundance of Heroes graphic novels); the negativity makes me wonder (to use an unrelated example) where Star Trek might be today, had fans in 1969, discouraged by a less than spectacular (and final) 3rd season that jumped the shark, adopted a similar attitude.


bring it back last season was bad but i deserve another chance!!! Me what some more Sylar killing claire XD


bad fucking idea ever


Heroes was a total mess. How about bringing back Firefly or something good that got the ax from idiot network execs. not shows finally put out of their misery.


It's also not a bad idea to revive certain shows that had potential to be great.


It was a great first season! But hopefully if they do it again it they won't make the same mistakes and flaws that ruined the original show.


AMAZING News. I was hoping for a Kickstarter project on Heroes after success of Veronica Mars but now that there is a series revival it would be great. However, they must have at least part of the cast back or it would be pointless. It also needs a good strong story with an end game.

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