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Lost Girl season 3 ended with so many cliffhangers that if the show wasn't already renewed for season 4, I'd be having convulsions right now. Every single character's future has been completely upended.

"Those Who Wander" picked up right where "Hail, Hale" left off, both in story and in intensity. These two hours easily could have been aired as a single finale and that would have been preferable to the two-week wait that Syfy forced upon U.S. viewers.

Bo's Rescue Mission

Bo and Tamsin These two women have developed a unique relationship throughout the season. It began with Tamsin accusing Bo of attacking a Dark Fae and has grown into an odd fascination. Neither trusts the other completely, but they are able to work together surprisingly well.

After Tamsin was injured, Bo tried to heal her unsuccessfully, but then got the Valkyrie the help she needed. When juicing Tamsin for the big fight, Bo took advantage of that energy to feed herself as well. Ever since they partnered together to save Kenzi, it's been evident that there's a special connection between the two of them.

After saving the locked up Fae, it was time for Tamsin to turn on Bo. The Valkyrie tried to use the potion on Bo, but it didn't seem to work. Did Tamsin subconsciously screw up the recipe?The two strong women fought until they came to an understanding. They are both impressed with the other and Tamsin couldn't fight Bo anymore. She is clearly taken by Bo, but what those feelings actually entail aren't clear.

They don't seem to be necessarily romantic feelings, but more of a physical attraction and longing for more. They have opened each other's eyes to something they didn't know existed before. Will it be a strong friendship? A romance? Purely physical? We'll have to wait until next year to find out the answer to that.

Lauren's Loyalties  Lauren's decision to leave the Fae behind and go work for Isaac may have been a horrible decision initially.  And, it's easy to blame her for being naive and not doing due diligence before running off with Isaac, but in the end, she was probably one of the only people who could stop him. As soon as she realized what Isaac was doing, she began to try and fix it.

While locked up with the bartender's wife, a cabbit, Lauren demanded that Isaac give her the necessary supplies to heal her. And, during that time, Lauren took the cabbit's DNA to use against Isaac. Instead of giving Isaac Dyson's strong wolf DNA, she implanted the meek cabbit's DNA. Lauren's brush off of Bo and dismissive behavior to Dyson was most likely a ruse to gain the trust of Isaac and protect her friends.

It's possible that Lauren resents Bo and only "loved" her in the past tense, though I find that difficult to believe. It was surprising to see Bo actually fall for Lauren's hurtful words. Though, since Lauren ran off without a word, what else was she supposed to think. Bo still loves Lauren and regardless of what words came out of Lauren's mouth, she has to still love Bo too.

One of the big mysteries of the finale is: What happened to Lauren? She was there for the surgery, but wasn't seen again. Isaac thought his surgery was successful, so there wasn't any reason for him to lock her up again. And, it would be uncharacteristic that she would leave Bo, Dyson and the other Fae behind to suffer. So, what happened to her? 

It will be difficult for Lauren to return to the Fae-world and it's doubtful that she would want to do that. She left because she wasn't personally or professionally satisfied in that isolated life. With Isaac dead, could Lauren take over the lab and use it for good? It would be a way for her to find fulfillment without her work revolving around Bo. With an outside venture, that could perhaps save their troubled relationship. 

Dyson takes down the half-breed  Aife confessed that she sold out Dyson as the strongest Fae in order to protect Bo. Since he was willing to give up his wolf for her, it was easy to sacrifice him for Bo. Dyson tried to escape, but ended up on the table for the procedure to take his DNA and implant it in Isaac. Despite his pleads, Lauren went ahead with the procedure, but she has her own plan.

Since Isaac was given cabbit DNA instead of wolf DNA, Dyson easily attacked and killed Isaac. When Dyson got in the car with Tamsin, it was hilarious when he picked a piece of Isaac out of his teeth. 

Kenzi's Protected The Morrigan wanted to use Kenzi to get information about Bo. And, while she didn't get what she wanted, Kenzi did spill about Bo's ability to suck chi from multiple people. I'm not sure why that's important, but it will probably come up again.

Hale's talisman that he put in Kenzi's pocket protected her from the Morrigan. Even though Bruce knew about it, he either couldn't or chose not to tell the Morrigan about it. The banter between Kenzi and Bruce was awesome. I hope he sticks around for next season.

While Kenzi and Bruce took off in the Morrigan's hot car, Evony was stuck being controlled by Vex under Hale's orders. Justice.

The Wanderer Bo's father has been a presence for most of the season. His name is unknown and even though Tamsin knows him, she's kept quiet. Aife provided some insight when she said, "If your father was here he would kill them all and then resurrect them and then kill them again."

Tamsin was tired of being manipulated by Bo's father and ran him over. Or, at least an essence of him, which caused the truck to run off the road. Did both Tamsin and Dyson survive? Are they still in the truck? Or, were they taken away in the cloud of smoke? Intriguing questions....

Is he someone that Bo needs to be fearful of? In the Dawning, he seemed to care for her.  Despite Tamsin's failings, Bo was reunited with her father when she was taken away in black smoke and then joined him on The Wanderer card.

Status Update The Scooby gang is all divided. It's sad to see the family and friends all separated, especially since they don't realize the trouble some of those they care about are in. Bo is missing and presumably with her father in another realm. Tamsin and Dyson were in a car crash potentially dead. Though, they could have been taken off to see Bo's father too.

Kenzi and Bruce are on a joy ride in the Morrigan's car, while she is under Vex's control at her home. Hale is around, but no longer the Ash. Trick and Stella headed overseas to wait out the political turmoil. Aife recovered at the lab, but it's unclear if she stayed there or left. And, Lauren went MIA after performing the surgery on Isaac.

The Lost Girl finale was a thrilling conclusion to the season. Instead of focusing on Bo's romantic life, the last few hours of the season delved deeper into the mythology of the Fae world and its relationship to the human world. While Bo's relationships are an integral part of the story, I appreciated the respite from that drama. Bo's still hung up on Lauren, but is Lauren still in love with her too? If not, will Bo remain unaligned in her love life too? Those will be major questions to be answered next season.

There are plenty of cliffhangers to speculate on until season 4 and even though everyone's status is up in the air, it provided an exciting set up for what's to come next.

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I think everyone needs to remember that the producers thought that they
would be making 22 episodes like they did for season 2. As it turned out
only 13 were ordered and that may have something to do with the strange
pacing of the season. I think that season 4 will be better.


This was a really good episode. I'm very curious as to what's going to happen to everyone will Dyson and Tamsin live did they get taken by Bo's father, what's going to happen to Bo now that she's with her father. I can't see kenzi and Bruce as a couple I can only see them as really good friends kind of like the way she and Hale use to be but this time no feelings. I thought it was funny how at the end Bruce showed kenzi the car and she said I love you and Bruce said her loved her to but then she said she was taking to the car and he was like dang it. Kenzi talking on the phone to Bo pretending everything was fine and even calling the Morrigan fat but really she was being yelled up by Bruce was funny. At the end Vex controlling the Morrigan was funny and I hope to see more Vex in the 4th season. I can't wait till the 4th season it should be good.


Hmm, must be a limit to amount you can post. Second half: I was disappointed that Bo seemed more along for the ride in this episode than being the main character. Bo has always been a character who has taken charge of her life, yet all season we've seen people making choices for her (Dyson, Trick, Tamsin, Aife). I'm sure this is part of a larger theme the show is playing with, and that Bo will eventually reassert herself. In the meantime, however, Tamsin's arc was rather unnaturally wedged into an already sagging narrative structure, to the point where she overwhelmed Bo's presence in the finale, which was disappointing. S3 was ambitious but very uneven, even though I think it's the best season to date. Very much looking forward to S4.


Thanks for the review/recap. There are sure a lot of things left up in the air, which was obviously the point of an episode entitled "Those Who Wander." I'm glad you went through the situation with Lauren carefully since a lot of people really did seem to miss what she did in the finale. She hasn't turned on the fae, though she has every reason to, and she was lying with some truths to Bo to gain Taft's trust while trying to clue Bo in with carefully chosen phrases that Bo knows to be contradictory. She was telling Bo that she would protect her as best she can, and that she would save Dyson, which she did (as best she could under the circumstances). Her story going into S4 is the most wide open--she is, of all the characters, the most truly lost at this point, with no one with her, and no place in either the human or fae world at the moment except the one she can make for herself. I was disappointed by the fact that Bo just seemed along for the ride for so much of this episode, with Tamsin almost coming off as the main character. I'm afraid Tamsin's story arc was the least effective for me this season, since it was so contrived and telegraphed, yet wedged unnaturally into the narrative, culminating in her simply overpowering Bo's presence in the season finale. Bo as a character has always been about making her own choices, yet time and again this season we've seen people doing it for her (Tamsin, Dyson, Aife). I think this must be part of some larger theme the show is playing with, and that Bo will eventually reassert herself over her own life and choices instead of simply allowing other to act for her. The season as a whole was ambitious, but suffered from some serious pacing and characterization issues after a very strong and confident start. Two rather confusing and excessively existential episodes in the middle dragged the already lame Dawning plot down even further. That should've been introduced and resolved much faster and more time should've been spent on the final arc with Taft. Despite these flaws, I think this has been the best season of the show yet, and I am very much looking forward to S4.


End of season left us wondering wtf??Sorry- very unsatisfied with multiple cliffhangers
And we have to wait til 2014???!!!


Oh, and good riddance to boring Dr Lauren, who made clear her deception to Bo in this ep, and I believe that she doesn't really love Bo as much as Bo seems to love her. Seriously, Lauren hasn't done a whole lot of good for Bo as a girlfriend, and I think Bo would be better off in a three way relationship with Tamsin and Dyson, who are Fae and could satisfy her hunger and help her heal in ways that Lauren the loser can't. But as to why Bruce loves Kenzi, seriously WatchesTooMuch, who DOESN'T love that sparky and snarky little thief? Also, I've noticed that often really BIG dudes tend to fall in love with tiny, petite women, probably because they themselves are so big they appreciate something small and delicate. I think they make a hilarious couple,too. I just wish we could see more of Lost Girl before next year!


WatchesTooMuch, LOL on the Bo and "Gowron" chancellor of the Klingon High Council comment! Go Trekkies! But I had much the same questions as you do about why Hale would abdicate the Ash throne when Vex has the Morrigan all tied up and ready for delivery.And it was never clear to me why Trick would abandon the Dal and go on a vacation with his lady love to Scotland when everything is in such a state of crisis with the Fae!Trick usually seems more like the kind of guy to try and solve problems, rather than run away from them, especially when his granddaughter is in danger from her father! And I also wondered that if he could disappear her in smoke, why he didn't take Bo before this, and why he took Dyson and Tamsin (though I have to say I also LOLed at Dyson picking pieces of the evil scientist out of his teeth!)


Liked the finale a lot and hate that we have to wait till next season to learn who Bo's father is. My favorite moment is having Vex back! I love that guy! I also loved how the Morrigan's bodyguard was crushing on Kenzi! I've got to give props to Hale for figuring out a way to protect Kenzi and Trick from the Morrigan. He probably would make a good Ash!


I absolutely love Vex even though he was only in it for a minute. With Hale stepping down as Ash means that him and Kenzi is a possibility again but I like her better with Vex. I hope that they do not throw Bo and Dyson together again because that was in the past and it is over with. One thing I do not like about this show is how the villians get defeated so easily. I am pretty sure that to defeat Bo father then you will have to know his name.


This show is a mess. It seems the writers submit their scripts without talking to ach other. Yuk.

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