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I agree with the reviewer. I, too hope Lamar dies. That character is so creepy and manipulative, he gets me mad everytime he's on screen.


First off i love that instead of using her name the reviewer just said "brad paisleys wife" cause thats my first thought everytime i see her. im glad it was her that leaked the news though instead of it being coleman. yay scarlett and gunner! and you KNOW that hot ass musician upstairs is gonna start all kinds of trouble. the sober coach is so screwing both off them, knew it soon as he said its complicated. hopefully juliette takes it out on him instead of jolene.. im really proud of her. juliet stealing him for the meeting and not paying any attention to jolene would have normally sent her spinning but instead she went to a meeting. good for her! i like the vet, but itll only take so long before shes gone.


Am I the only one that was completely disgusted by Teddy inviting Peggy to the house? Hes such an a-hole


I actually liked Lamar tonight. I think that's because teddy and Brad Paisley's wife have become villains to me that its nice to see them get their comeuppance. Especially when Lamar learned that Peggy leaked the story to the tabloids. She's a conniving ***** and Teddy turned into a selfish prick who has been thinking with the wrong head. Sorry for my rant. I'm not on board with the vet, because I'm a shameless Deacon-Rayna fan. But it was nice to see Deacon so open nd happy.

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