NCIS First Look: Tony and Ziva Dancing?!

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NCIS' Tony and Ziva have been dancing around a possible romance for years.

Will they be dancing (slowly, no less) literally on the show's next episode?

Take a look at the photo from "Berlin" below and see what you think:

Tony and Ziva Dancing

Are we finally going to see the relationship between the beloved characters, played by Michael Weatherly and Cote de Pablo, reach the next level? The producers, predictably, are playing it coy.

Executive Producer Gary Glasberg tells EW, which first published this photo, that Tony will help Ziva avenge her father’s death, which was alluded to again last night (see our NCIS review).

However, he does add that there is special significance to the scene above:

“This is a very personal moment of vulnerability where her guard goes down and she lets herself melt into his arms ... I think it’s a moment that our Tiva fans will truly enjoy.”

The only downside? We'll have to wait until April 23 to see it.

Share your comments and predictions below!

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watch they get together and then she or him quit the show


O.O I can't wait. I'm gonna go nuts. Ziva and Tony. I'm so damn excited!


I cannot help but be excited........


Although the picture has been put out and we have a few clues about the Berlin episode I can help but be excited for the exchanges between these two characters before and after the dancing.


You would have to direct that comment to the wardrobe department since the actors do not get to choose their outfits for the scenes they appear in.


Looking at the photo they are giving each other meaningful looks, but I just can't help noticing Ziva should of chosen a different dress, that one she is wearing is hanging on her like a sack, not a good look Ziva.


I can't wait


I've been waiting till April 29 for warehouse 13 I think I can try and wait till the 23

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