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Marina Sirtis was definitely Mossad! Right down to the Hamsa necklace. Wow, great performance. I didn't like her character at all! And that's a compliment. I don't think Ziva survived the crash! Who was the body in autopsy? And the not-very-subtle "nothing left but revenge" in previews for next week? I would be very disappointed if Cote de Pablo has been written out of the show. What a shame.


WTF JUST HAPPEND! did not see that shit coming........is this how ziva is going to exit? and TONY! WTF! BOTH OF THEM BETTER SURVIVE. sheesh i hope ziva is back for season 11 if not this ep. right now is giving all those ZIVA HATERS AMO!

As for the new mossad director she's off to a REALLY BAD START. she seems very sneaky and shady I think she's SOMEWHAT involved in eli's murder!


This episode was amazing! I really believed Marina Sirtis in this role - she did an excellent job! (Now all we need is Jonathan Frakes coming back to direct an episode with her in it to complete the ST:TNG ship circle.) And her tie-in with Eli David is interesting as well. I will look forward to her returning.

I liked the Tiva interactions all along the way - from Tony giving Ziva her Bodnar space, to his supporting and focusing her at the bar, and finally to his encouragement of accepting who she is now and finally expressing that in such an intimate conversation in the car...the chemistry between the two of them is palpable. Oh, and Tony's hand reaching out for hers after the crash...epic!

And that final scene - not unpredictable but definitely shocking in light of the conversation that just took place. I certainly hope these two can finally just be happy one of these times.

I also enjoyed seeing Ducky pissed off - David McCallum is such a fine actor. And Vance and Gibbs playing well together. All in all, except for McGee's lack of subtlety, this episode was jam-packed with goodness from start to finish. Anxiously awaiting next's week resolution (love and hate those cliffhangers at the same time!)


Well we still have that thing with the Palestinian official (Who's name escapes me). No explanation to that explosion that has been officially said.

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