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Can you please think of something NEW to say. Yes, we all know about your school girl crush on Tony and Michael Weatherly. That is so great that you like him. However, can you please find a new comment besides saying over and over how no one RESPECTS Tony? It has truly been beaten to death now. I am a Tony fan but even I will admit that Tony has had his moments of not respecting people. Have you forgotten the several one night stands he has implied and his womanizing ways? Yea, it's really respectful to constantly oogle women when in a professional setting. How about how he hurt Brenda Bittner and she had to go to counseling? Real respectful there. How about all the insulting nicknames he has given McGee? Why should McGee respect him? How about how he asked Ziva if she was still crazy? Or how he told Ziva he was looking down her top? Yea, real respectful. You have to give respect in order to be given it. Do I care about these things? No. But I am showing that Tony is not always this perfect person. And lighten up, it is just a show. All these little exaggerations are what make the characters interesting.


This weeks episode was nuts!! I just keep thinking Ziva can't be dead because she would be the third female main character that they killed off with out a single male main character dying. Tony can't be dead because then Ziva would have lost her father and Tony. I think either way there would be way too many upset fans. Possibly some serious injuries or amnesia though??? Should be interesting to see how they wrap up the season!


tony used that pet name for ziva in "under covers"....so it really ISN'T new...and if ziva is KILLED, i won't be shedding any tears....tony would be different.

why ANYONE would want tony with ziva i'll NEVER know....she doesn't respect him as an agent or her senior agent while in the field.

and tim needs to work on his field work and NOT being seen watching.....you'd think after all the years working with gibbs and tony,he'd have learned something....ziva is rubbing off on him and NOT in a good way.



Pward--I don't think Bodner is the bad guy. I agree something is up with Schmeil. ?????????????


@Magda: actually, the first pair he bought for Ziva, if you can imagine that! haha


This is the second pair of lederhosen that Tony buys to McGee! The first was on the same occasion when he gave Michelle a stapler "made in China".


It would be unusual if Bodnar, the seemingly obvious bad guy set up earlier this season, turned out to actually be the bad guy. Early setups usually equal a misdirect. The turn always comes. My money says that's way too easy for season ending arc.
I really liked Gibbs and Vance playing well together but I can't find sufficient adjectives to express how much I detest TIVA. Don't necessarily want them to kill off ziva but would be very happy for them to kill off Tiva. Though killing off Tony (or Gibbs of course) would be the only deal breakers for me. I can always choose the tiva moments to head into the kitchen.


I was so focused on Tony and Ziva's conversation that the crash completely caught me of guard. I am now positive after hearing Cote talk that Tony and Ziva will be alright, but I think Tony was somehow the more injured of the two. I had a bad feeling about Tony getting hurt in this arc although I hoped I was wrong. As for the new mossad director, I agree with the people that don't trust her, but I think on the bodnar thing that she just wanted to get her revenge like Ziva said. I hope we find out more about bodnar it looks like this story could have some huge twists. Overall, intense episode and I can't wait till next week!


NCIS is my favorite show for years now. First I was so upset when they killed Kate, but I think Ziva was a very good choice.

Liked this season and I also liked the show last night.

I have no idea how many people here on this board are from Germany or even visited my Country. I always find it so funny that

a) All Germans speak with an American/ English accent
b) That no matter in which part they are supposed to be, they seem to think Germany = Bavaria.

Sure, if you look around in Berlin, you would be able to find this kind of restaurant where they where sitting, with a waitress dressed like this or you will be for sure able to buy the gift Tony bought there somewhere.

But nothing should be associated as typical for our Capital as it was there.

I am not upset or anything and I think many people make the same mistake when it comes to other countries, I just wanted to point it out.

Oh and I am from Bavaria (Munich) ;)

Sorry for the of topic



true fans of NCIS must realize michael is a fake he goes on these sites to put shows down dont know why maybe he has problems,as for castle they are having there best season so far and andrew marlow never said it was a mistake.anyway i think it wasnt an accident as its the same car that bwas watching gibbs and mgee.

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