NCIS Sneak Peek: Thai Food and Beer?

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After the shocking events of "Shabbat Shalom" and "Shiva" earlier this year, it was only a matter of time until the death of Ziva's father resurfaced on NCIS. Looks like that time is tonight.

Tony is suspicious of what Ziva's been up to lately, believing that Thai food, beer and late night calls to Shmiel cannot be a coincidence. Something's up with her, it's just a question of what.

While he and McGee argue over whether his concern is being a good citizen or stalking, Bodnar also comes up in a talk between Vance and Gibbs, who are well aware of Ziva sniffing around.

Although he's the CIA's problem now, there's no doubt Ziva has taken this into her own hands ... as has Vance himself, according to Gibbs. Who knows what? Who's plotting what?

Check out the clip from "Chasing Ghosts" and share your comments below:

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OOOOH! Maybe if they take away Ziva's citizenship, Tony will marry her to keep her in the country!!??!! That would be a great way to end the season and then flash us back to the last episode of season 9 when Tony and Ziva were talking about eloping! A girl can dream, right?!?


The case the team was investigating was a good one. They still managed to work in things about the characters, but I felt like they were returning for a little bit to the regular procedurals. I am looking forward to having this episode On Demand so I can watch it again - it was a really rich episode. Now that I know the ending I want to watch it again. There aren't many Abby/McGee shippers at this site, but I am one (please do not attack me for that) and when Abby said that she felt "violated" when McGee pinged her cell, my heart skipped a beat. I mean, I associate violation with something like rape. Of course, then in this episode she helped Tony ping Ziva's cell to find out where she was. Perhaps Abby meant something like invasion of privacy, of McGee using the means which they have at work to track her down on a day when she felt a need to be away from work. But then it appears that she didn't say anything to him and she certainly could have turned off her cell. I guess it's most likely that the writers added in that concept for this episode. Still, it made me feel sad. And now we know where Ziva has been all those nights when she's been busy. Loved the crappy apartment and all of the walls covered with photos and maps and notes - Ziva and McGee have been at this for awhile. Loved Tony's comment "I like what you've done with the place." When McGee says that all of their computers and stuff is "off book" it implies that Vance - and or Gibbs - have supplied them with cash to buy what they needed. So the only team members not in on this were Abby and Tony. Overall, this was a really good episode. IMHO


It was GREAT to see Tom again the first NCIS dirtcor he is still by far the best one. I don't know about you guys but I can see them doing something like the CM season 7 when the team had to go infront of a specail group of people to see if they should go to jail or not.


All I know is with all these little tidbits coming out "things are getting good"


I bet that is how they end it in the cliffhanger, since we don't yet know that Cote has signed a new contract. Her citizenship will be in jepordy and the team will be facing jail time. LOL Anyway, this will be a great discussion for tomorrow. Night all.


Well they can't just go after Ziva because Gibbs and Vance both gave her permission. Heck, Tony was ordered to go with her. Vance gave out info that was suppose to be kept on the hush and hush. McGee has been digging in classified stuff. NO, the whole team would have to be on trial. They may try to take Ziva's American citizenship away, but as for the rest.....the whole team would have to be on trial also.


Sorry @Sis: didn't see your post!


I agree. The whole team would be in trouble. They just can't pick out one.....they all are involved. This spoiler has me worried.


@ Sis.......Humm, I wonder what that means. Gibbs and Vance both gave an okay (permission as being her bosses) to Ziva going after Bodner and even sent Tony (an agent). I wonder if that has something to do with the Fed prosecutor. Vance also revealed information he got from Homeland Security that was to be kept quiet.


Crap! Paulie and Brian tweeted that Colin Hanks was guest-starring on the last two eps as a Federal Prosecutor...who is he prosecuting? the whole team, since they are all in on it? Just Tony and Ziva? Or maybe Bodnar and his cronies are being tried in US for Jackie's murder? I hope they don't go after Ziva and Tony, that would be a great cliffhanger, but come on!

NCIS Season 10 Episode 20 Quotes

Ziva: It's not about a choice it's about survival. She will not stop until she gets her closure.
Tony: We still talking about the lieutenant?
Ziva: Please do not go there. I'm fine.

Ziva : I would like your permission to travel to Europe to find Bodnar. I have been trying to locate him with the help of McGee and various contacts.
Gibbs: I know.
Ziva: You have known all this time? Then why did...
Gibbs: You needed to be ready to tell me. He's in Rome.
Ziva: That's what I thought too.
Gibbs: What are you waiting for? Take DiNozzo. Go.