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This episode wa amazing and very emotional. I understand why Amanda's so psychotic now and the whole messing with people's minds makes since but it doesn't change how I feel about her I still think they should kill her. Alex kept trying to keep the mutiny under control but couldn't. Michaels plan to get out and save Nikita worked which was good. In the end at the division agents died after a shoot out and the others all ran off. When Sean was laying there on the floor with Alex dying was so sad and sweet with what there last words were Sean asked her to promise to get help and fix her mind and he promised him so I think in the next episode she'll be trying to keep that promise or that's what might stop her from what she's doing in the next episode which is going out for revenge. Alex could handle the deaths the mutiny caused because she stayed at division and was going to wait for Nikita and Michael to get back but then Sean died and she can't deal with that because she left and in the next episode she goes out for revenge obviously for that reason. When Sean died I cried and I watched that part 3 times and everytime it just got harder to watch it was to soon to happen I hated that he died but he was the most expendable and I think it had to happen to set the end of Alex's mind story. In the next episode Ryan's back which will be good. Alex is out for revenge and Nikita and Michael have to stop her and think that will be interesting to see I also think it will be interesting to see what happens with Amanda, Owen and the black box. I really hope Nikita, Michael, Alex, and birkoff don't die at all this season or in the next season because that season will be the last and it will really suck to end the show without all the main and best characters. Can't wait till the next episode it looks good and sounds good.


After watching this episode of Nikita (Broken Home) I deleted it off my Tivo listing. I feel the show has lost it's focus this season. Amanda's given too much power/too much credit - mind manipulation to the extent portrayed in the last few episodes, seriously??? Sean is killed off at the end of the episode because...? Well, the producers decided they needed to kill off a major character and they ran out of fake blood so they stuck a bullet with no exit wound, said he bled out and called it a day, lame. Give Nikita a proper send off with a series finale already and be done with it.

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