Once Upon a Time Review: Killing Magic

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Tonight's Once Upon a Time may have been all about "The Evil Queen," but one of the things it drove home to me was that Hook can't trust anyone. He's been used by Emma, Cora, Regina, and now Tamara and Greg.  

Completely Hooked

He may frequently end up on the losing end, but I've got to give him credit. He wasn't kidding when he said he excelled at surviving to fight another day. He certainly never gives up. If he had more of a heart I might even like him paired up with Emma instead of Neal.

But this hour was about Regina's story, both past and future.

In the fairytale past... the queen was still hunting Snow and would leave no stone unturned, no matter what it took. Yet somehow her warped view of reality wouldn't allow her to understand why she could never inspire love from her people. As Rumpelstiltskin tried to explain to her in this Once Upon a Time quote...

 You did just slaughter an entire village. Maybe that's why they call you the Evil Queen. | permalink

The queen was so used to using magic to get what she wanted she forgot that she had none due to the shape shifting spell several times and it almost cost her her head... literally.

It was fascinating how Snow's story about the woman who saved her from the runaway horse moved Regina. All she's ever wanted was to be loved but since Regina's never had real love, not even from her own mother, she can't figure out that love can't be forced upon someone. 

Just as Regina was about to ask for forgiveness, they stumbled upon that village and all hope was lost. As she later told Rumpelstiltskin…

The queen is dead. Long live the evil queen. | permalink

And long does she live. Fast forward to present day Storybrooke and she's still alive, well, and evil as ever.  

I couldn't believe she told Henry about her plan to destroy Storybrooke, kill all of its residents and take him back to the Enchanted Forest. Did she really believe he'd go willingly? But then again, that's just another example of how twisted Regina's view of the world can be. 

Hook tried to warn her that revenge was an end, not a beginning. But Regina believes that she can still start over with Henry, so she repaid Hook by shoving him off a ledge to be destroyed by the demon-like Maleficent. Evil, indeed.

When she walked back into her office to not only find Hook but Greg and Tamara, it was fun to see that they had squelched her magic. What will that mean for our evil queen?

Other moments worth mentioning…

  • Neal telling Henry, "Oh, hell no. I taught her that," when he realized Henry was trying to warn Emma. Very funny.
  • Emma telling Henry to duck so they wouldn't be spotted. As though the yellow VW bug is somehow stealthy.
  • Operation Cobra has become Operation Praying Mantis. Only Henry could come up with that.
  • Did Snow really ask who would steal the magic beans? Duh. Who do you think?

So what the heck is Greg/Owen's mission? If Regina's magic is on the fritz, will Henry remember her evil plan? And is Snow naive enough to give Regina yet another second chance?  Only a couple of episodes left in Once Upon a Time season 2 to find out.


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Beverly brooks

As usual Regina showed exactly how naive she is about trying to force people to love her. At times feel sorry for her. As far as Greg and Tamara goes, exactly what is their real purpose....only time will tell. Emma has powers but doesn't know how to use them. I like it better when she is in charge.


Love this show. Does anyone know when Season 3 starts?


@San - I think Snow was referring to Emma not being able to read Graham, Neal or August very well because of her personal relationships with them (not necessarily romantic).


I don't get why Snow didn't believe Emma. I mean, there's only one new she in town, and even if Snow thinks one of the Fairytalelandwomen is planning something evil, shouldn't she be worried? At least a bit? And when did Emma's lie detection system fail?
Don't get either why Neil, after hiding for so many years and tricking so many people, doesn't suspect anything when it comes to Tamara. Seems very naive. Pity only two episodes are left. This season felt fragmented, not only because of the breaks but also because there were so many storylines.


Fascinating ep, though I continue to marvel at how naive Snow is, how naive everyone seems to be about Regina, etc. I was surprised that Hook survived Maleficent, and I have finally realized that I don't really like his character, he's only out for himself. But then, I am also not a fan of Rumple/Gold at all. Regina is a prime example of beauty that is only skin deep, because inside she's a horrid sociopathic witch, about as ugly and dark as it is possible to be. Poor Henry, continually used, always trying to believe the best of people, even Regina. I am not liking Tamara and her boyfriend Greg, even though they are torturing Regina, who deserves it. I still don't like Neal, either, who for a thief seems very naive as well


Loved this episode, it's been one of the better ones. It was great to see kick ass Snow again - she's been missing. Hook finally is acting more like the notorious captain hook he's supposed to be - double crossing Regina after she double crossed him - man it's good to have him back. Loved his lines regarding revenge. Hook has a heart - I disagree with you there - he is capable of incredible love and eventually he and Emma will have to explore that spark. Regina oh Snow came so close to turning her around - Lana as usual excelled in depicting Regina's evilness. Rumpel - I finally enjoyed you again after despising you for most of this season. The deliciously evil giggling mischievous imp. Enjoy him so much more than Gold. Neal - hey are you ever going to get around to apologizing to Emma? He was funny in this epi but he really isn't the sharpest knife in the drawer - hello SHE - with no other she's around he could at least be a little suspicious of Tamara.
Henry and Emma scenes - loved them.
Maleficent - how exactly did Hook know that the demon creature was maleficent? Loved that line about how he liked her in 'earth tones'. Life on the line and he's dishing out compliments.

Kitanishi h mcdonald

Regina makes me said. This flashback confirmed that it only takes someone to love her back to make her actually want redemption FOR redemption. Sadly Snow and Regina, despite being pretty much identical people, have far different views of morality to give that to each other. I am guessing it will take Regina loosing power and Snow going evil(which I guess will be season finale cliffhanger) for them to start understanding each other and actually rebuilding their family.


I LOVE RUMP'S GIGGLE!!! Its so deliciously horrible lol. Love regina/rump/gold scenes. And man regina really is evil. Like horribly, umredeemably EVIL. And someone said it right SOCIOPATH!!! Henry was so cute in this ep. Was more like mischievous henry from s1. Loved neal in this ep. Next week looks awesome


They seem to be able to make me hate Regina even MORE now than I did at the beginning of the show. To see that somewhere in there, there might be a sliver of something positive and then, WHAM, nope, just kidding! She really is an evil bitch. I was astounded when she told Henry of her plans, like, what was she thinking?


EXCELLENT EPISODE! Lana Parilla & Robert Carlyle have the BEST chemistry together. Whether their characters work together or are at odds, it doesn't matter because they really do great work together. I did notice one thing after watching this episode. To get your Happy Ending in the Enchanted Forest, you either have to be royalty or a character who deals in some way with magic. Average villagers are either routinely slaughtered by kings or ogres on their military campaigns, by queens nursing a vendetta, turned into puppets, or eaten by their girlfriends. David may want to return to the EF. But, IMO he, Snow & most everyone else were pretty safe during their 28 years in Storybrooke compared to the murder & mayhem that were routine in the EF. I don't think this world was more cruel to Emma than their world was to Snow.

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