Person of Interest Review: The Storm is Here

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This was a rather cold and dark episode of Person of Interest, for the most part devoid of any big one-liners or jokes and instead focusing on the more serious side of making mistakes and making amends. We also learned about the potential downfall of the Machine.

It's been a while since Fusco has received central focus. He's been around, popping in to help out here and there, occasionally facing off with his past HR buddies, but his past finally caught up to him.

Reese Has 24 Hours

It was great to finally see his first descent towards the darkness starting off small and coming from a real place. Fusco was down, dealing with his family problems and the one cop who was there for him called in a favor before it all snowballed into an out of control scenario where Fusco was killing, lying and stealing. And yet, through it all, you could still see that he wasn't enjoying the path, he was just too far gone to find his way out.

Yet we've seen - ever since Reese first "recruited" him - that Fusco's been working hard to be the good guy and to redeem himself for past mistakes.

Except it wasn't Reese or Finch that came to save him again. Instead it forced Carter, the cop dedicated to abiding by the law and never really crossing her moral line, to make a major decision for both Fusco and her character.

I was glad that she struggled with the choice because it stuck true to her character, but at the same time allowed her to see beyond the black and white of good and bad. It was such a brilliant moment when Carter and Bear walked out of the police office leaving a trail of dirty footprints behind.

I don't think Fusco is in the complete clear, but it's great to see that he does have people who care. This is a guy you just want to root for.

On the flip side, "In Extremis" allowed Reese and Finch to deal with a person of interest caught in a dirty web of deceit and betrayal. The doctor, who had failed at his family where he succeeded in his work, was a tragic tale in the sense that he wanted to make up for his mistakes and face the person who murdered him. And yet Reese wasn't able to save him.

What a wonderful shot of Reese standing in the archway, picking up the fallen glass from the dead doctor. Even the dark and faded colors in addition to the snow added to the mood of the hour.

While the case itself wasn't the most exciting or heavily focused on Reese or Finch, it did provide some great repercussions.

This was the third person behind Szymanski and Beecher to meet their demise instead of being rescued.

Something is clearly wrong with the machine, which was made especially evident in the closing moments of the episode.

I'm really intrigued as to what this problem with the machine will mean for Reese and Finch's work as well as what the virus will change for this super powered computer.

The storm is definitely here.

This was an enjoyable setup for what seems to be a major final two episodes, delving into character, a case of the week and the larger stories that have been interwoven throughout Person of Interest Season 2.


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Has anyone else noticed how much Dennis Boutsikaris, who played the doctor, looks like the late Ron Silver? Every time I see Boutsikaris guest-starring in a show, I think, "Wait - I thought Ron Silver was dead?" Compare their photos on the IMDB database and you will see what I mean. As for the episode, I love the character of Fusco. Lionel is one of the most interesting (bad pun, I know) of the characters on "Person of Interest." I love the episodes that focus on his character. There have been a few dull episodes this season, but this wasn't one of them.


Love the show. It doesn't matter to me if there are relationships portrayed on it as I don't think it would detract from the show. We don't live our lives without romantic involvements so why pretend they don't exit in a tv show? I feel the writers would keep any type of romantic entanglement on the back burner and not make it a pivotal issue.


I certainly do not want any romantic hookups with the main characters. This show is perfect the way it is! And, I loved Bear and Carter's muddy footprints also. :)


This episode of POI while dark, showed a lot of depth. I appreciated the background info on Fusco. I have grown to like him a lot.
The doctor's death saddened me. He had human failings and he made mistakes in life, but his ending was heartbreaking.
Loved it when he told the billionaire he had only 24 hours to spend his billions.
Carter walking out of the station with a muddy pawed Bear was hilarious.

Sarah silva

This was a fantastic episode. I really enjoyed it.
My favorite part was when the doctor poisoned the guy that poisoned him, what he said to him right before he let him know he had 24 hours to spend him money was brilliant.
I knew Carter would come through for Fusco.
I think we will be in for a thrilling ride these next 2 episodes and a major cliffhanger in the finale.


Great show! Get a different 'feel' for the eppy every time I watch it.
I have always seen Reese & Carter as a bro/sis kinda of relationship....the teasing and worrying & fussing. Example: when Reese said Beecher would have to answer to him if he misbehaved. They respect each other, see the good in each other, care for each other. I've never seen the 'romantic' overtones others see. Leaving the shipdoms out of the equation allows me to enjoy each eppy much more. Love him with Zoe, she makes him smile. I like the writers leaving what happens or doesn't happen, to our imagination....that is smart writing. Personally I like my heroes damaged and pining away for lost for me.


Great episode. Liked the parallels between Beecher Nelson and Fusco. Check-out Fusco's relationships; Stiles/Fusco Simmons/Fusco Reese/Fusco he's always indebted to someone. Gotta watch-out for that slippery slope dude! Carter came thru for Fusco(you know when she's worried about you... she calls you by your first name)with Elias doing some dealing to seal it. Or did she do it because she figured out that Reese killed Stiles and she wants to protect the team(Carter has been doing a lot of clean-up duty this season). And she used Bear. Is she keeping Bear for protection or for use as a weapon in the future? Finch told Reese he needed to discuss with him Bears disappearance. Look out HR Carter's on a war path??


BTW I am not condoning the behavior of cheaters (hence me saying it is a stupid thing, which is an understatement) but am choosing not to equate the poor and harmful decision making that some people do, with making someone a completely bad person. To answer your question... someone who doesn’t cheat is a better person in that respect. That doesn’t mean that the cheater isn’t good overall.


Good people are still capable of doing stupid things. It's called being human. What species are you?


God I hope they fix the machine fast, Losing the numbers is just sad. Great episode. I was wondering if Zoe will be there in the final? seeing her interact with Reese is just fun to watch. And please don't make Reese&Carter a couple!

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