Revolution Review: Starting at Home

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Revolution took a small break from the larger plot points to check in on family in "Home."

Honestly, I’m not sure how I feel about Miles and Monroe in regard to Emma. The theme of them sharing everything has mostly dried up and – while this story was mostly relegated to past – it also hearkened back to a time when Revolution Season 1 just stalled and stalled.

It’s also another time Miles has let Monroe go without killing him.

Tripping to the Tower

The end results of the installment, however, were certainly worth the time commitment as President Kelly put Tom – yes, that Tom – in charge of keeping an eye on Miles. It’s been a lingering question of mine ever since Tom hastily left the Republic: what if he meets up with Miles?

The only problem is if the two of them were to run into each other in the forest at least one of them would end up dead and there needs to be a mostly impartial third party to keep both of them in line. This impartiality is exactly what Georgia provides and the conflict between them is more entertaining than anything Miles and Monroe have served up.

As for Emma revealing to Monroe she carried his child? It was an oddly touching scene. I have a near zero amount of sympathy for Monroe, but the news provided fuel for Monroe that’s not laden with sole contempt for Miles. It breaks him out of this near comical cartoon villain shell he’s been living in for a good portion of the season.

Aaron and Rachel stopping in the Plains Nation as they headed to the Tower was stronger of the two stories. Aaron’s small reunion with Priscilla was bittersweet, but, honestly, what was he expecting from her? Even if she wasn’t wanted in the Republic, her actions are completely justifiable.

That said, Kudos to Aaron for realizing that something was wrong with Priscilla’s situation and not giving up. I’m glad Aaron was finally able to find his courage and protect her to the best of his ability instead of living with regret over failing to protect her again. It lets both of them leave each other, but at least on good terms.

They’ll always love each other, but Priscilla has moved on and has a new family. Much of the same can be said for Aaron, and, at least for now, they are mostly different people who are at completely different points in their lives.

Maybe if the lights come back on, they might make their way back to each other. But for now it’s better they head their respective ways.


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Two doctors from MIT but I'll just do the shopping. Just hilarious! Loved the Emma/Monroe part! David Lyons is a terrific actor. Don't get why people are disappointed he wasn't shot. You really think a new leader would be easier to deal with? Aaron's encounter with his wife was heartbreaking. Liked the episode very much!


Well, Charlie wasn't successful, as usual, in making sure Miles actually killed Monroe this time. Course, I'm very optimistic that when Miles said at the end that Monroe hadn't seen anything yet, he meant it. I did an out-loud SQUEEE when a very well-groomed and pleased-looking Tom strolled through President Kelly's doors. Miles and Tom hating each other and having to be on the same side at the same time is going to be all kinds of conflicted fun.


I don't know why I watch this show. It's annoying to the point of being absurd. The writers are really LAME on this show. How many times are we going to get within a whisker's hair of killing Monroe only to be shut down by Miles each time? This is not drama it's Bull$hit! The writers can't come up with anything else that is gripping and suspenseful? We have a Hitler that's completely out of control, but because he's a star of the show, we can't kill him until his story arc is complete.
The show is just dopey in its execution and anyone falling for this sappy junk is looney. I'm becoming less and less of a fan. It's television for the lowest common denominator in our society.

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