Revolution Review: Welcome to Georgia

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In "The Night the Lights Went Out in Georgia," Miles brought Nora, Charlie and his excess baggage to The Georgia Federation.

Charlie & Miles

The Georgia Federation is already an interesting development - and its President, Kelly, is the complete opposite of Monroe. The two states feel quite different: Monroe brought his republic together, making something out of nothing but chaos. Since then, though, he’s just gotten crazier as his power grew.

Kelly is completely opposite of Monroe in demeanor and leadership. While it could be a front, from prosperity alone Georgia is far superior to the Republic in every way except possessing power. They have aid from England, steam power, ships and plenty of soldiers. On face value alone, Kelly completely outshines Monroe. She cares for her people and makes sure they are evacuated away from Monroe’s nuke threat.

Contrast this with Monroe who only consolidated power for himself, only provides steam power to his militia and rules with an iron fist again any uprisings. No wonder Georgia is prospering.

In fact, I would rather we spend the rest of the Revolution Season 1 in Georgia.

Miles, for all of his past mistakes, continues to change as he grows closer to Charlie. Miles is still living in his past, though, and his baggage brought more danger to him and Charlie in this installment. Miles, realizing this, told Charlie:

The truth is people count on me, and they get hurt. You want to know why? Because I hurt them, and I don't even think twice about it. That's who I am Charlie. | permalink

Miles want to stop any sort of relationship he has with Charlie before his violent past catches up to him. It’s all out of love, but it’s a vicious cycle. Miles is looking for relationships, but when he finds them he self-sabotages, he cuts and runs or he simply looks the other way. He did so with Alec, and he did something like it to Rachel.

While I have mostly ignored the theories that Miles is Charlie’s real father, that quote and his actions certainly makes the theory a little more plausible.

Rachel and Aaron’s trip to the tower took a small detour to Jane and Beth, old friends of Rachel. Along with the pit stop came some new information about the nanites. Danny’s original surgery shown a few episodes prior was implanting him with the nanites to keep him alive. Jane’s wife, Beth, has been able to survive with stage four cancer for years now thanks to the nanites in the air.

This makes me wonder why is it merely all or nothing with the nanites. Why can’t Rachel turn on the power, but keep the nanites on for those who need them medically?

As Rachel interacted with Jane it became clear that Miles isn’t the only one with baggage. Rachel has been holding all of this information about the nanites, the tower, and no doubt so much more all so she could keep Danny alive. It makes complete sense for Rachel the mother... and makes no sense for Rachel the scientist. Both of those ideologies have been eating away at her all of this time.


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It was a good episode. What I liked about this episode is that now Charlie knows that Miles did something to her Mom. I am hoping she will ask him again in the next episode so that we can get to see how Miles treated Rachel in the past. My guess is when she first arrived at the camp where she said in earlier episode "I'm here like you asked. Just promise me I will see my kids again." And miles signals his men to cuff her. I think he probably did not not treat her well once she got there. I did something to her to figure out what she knows about the blackout.
Rachel is probable the one person he was talking to about how he feels and that's when they got close. I think she is the one who changed him to be good and when he thought she is dead, he blamed Monroe and tried to assassinate him. But he couldn't so he left.
I am very interested to find out what went down between the two of them. That's why I tried to predict what happened between them. What do you think? Am I right or Am I right?


This show is entertaining because every character is so stupid and overly dramatic that it results in unintended hilarity. Charlie shoots Alec with her crossbow as he's beating Miles senseless. Smart, right? Wrong. Instead of killing or debilitating Alec, Charlie decides to shoot him just once in a non-vital area, and then proceeds to STARE at him as he pulls out the arrow, picks up the nuke, and runs away. Um. What??? Did that really just happen?


Good episode. Learning that Danny had the nannites in him and that's what was keeping him alive and if the power turned back on it would kill him all makes since now for the way rachael was acting. When Nora and Charlie were running out if time and didn't know how to get miles and Nora said they should probably just forget about him and worry about the nuke and mile to come up behind her saying glad to know she cared was pretty funny I also thought it was funny at the beginnig when miles told Charlie she was coming with them because her mom told him to watch her and he's going to stick her in front of a nuke. He's the best uncle ever I mean I wish my uncle would stick me in front of a nuke after telling my mom he would take care of me. Can't wait till the next episode.

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Revolution Season 1 Episode 14 Quotes

His third world ass is going to mess with me?


The truth is people count on me, and they get hurt. You want to know why? Because I hurt them, and I don't even think twice about it. That's who I am Charlie.