Rookie Blue Season 4 Trailer: Everybody Needs Backup

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Rookie Blue returns to both ABC and Global on May 23, though the summer series with which many fans have fallen in love will look very different next month.

Andy is back from her undercover mission. Sam is now a detective. And he has a new girlfriend. Eek!

Elsewhere, Dov's one-night stand will cause problems for him at work, while Chris has a major decision to make and Traci is discovering how to live without Jerry.

Watch the first official Rookie Blue Season 4 trailer now and prepare for a series of changes at work and at home for members of this precinct:

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OMg OmgOmg !!! this looks sooo good! i cant wait! I really like this show and its been torture to have to wait so long! and they dont give us any spoilers or news!! its crazyyy :)


I hate that scene and the possibility that Andy and Sam are not together! It can not be! They are Rookie Blue! So hot, so much chemistry! I hope that girlfriend last a single episode. Grrrrrrrr


OMGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I CANT WAIT FOR THIS!!!!! IT LOOKS AMAZING!!!!! The last scene broke my heart right along with theirs!!!! I cant handle McSwarek not being together but I know they wont stay away from each other! They cant because their chemistry is SO HOTTTTTT!!!!


I am so excited it looks so good


Looks amazing!!! Feels like Ihave been waiting forever for it to start up again. Go McSwarek, they belong together. I hope they don't go all the way through the season without resolution, that would be really unnfair to all of us. Hurry up May 23rd.


Wow. Awesome Promo for the season ! Can't wait ! Glad that this is back for the summer again to waste time and have summer go by quickly !


First two observations: 1) Sam's new girlfriend looks like Andy 2) A protective Sam and a more confident Andy = HOT!!!!! I was worried about how the show would handle McSwarek but after that preview I'm good. Their connection is hotter than ever!!! No way these two stay away from each other all season. They're both hurting but in the end I have faith they'll get back together :)

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