Supernatural Picture Preview: She's Back!

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The CW is on hiatus, with most of its originally programming taking a break until later in April.

But the network has been providing sneak peeks ahead at the action to come, from Vampire Diaries photos from "Pictures of You" to Arrow images from "Home Invasion."

Now, we're giving Supernatural fans a look at "Pac-Man Fever," the April 24 installment that features the return of Felicia Day as Charlie.

Look for Dean to teach this woman a few hunting tricks, look for her to be hiding a secret - and look through pictures from the episode now:

Charlie and Dean
Charlie Returns
Charlie and Sam
Shot of Dean
Hugging Charlie
Sam Winchester Smile
Back as Charlie

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Would love to see the Ghostfacers again!


Memo to writers - Charlie is NOT a hunter. She should NOT be a recurring characer. No more "funny" stuff. SPN is not a comedy. It is suposed to be a scary show.


I like her character but they are pushing her a little too much. I'd much prefer to see the Ghostfacers make another appearance. Their episodes are always hysterical.


She is more than welcome... even if it's one of those SPN skipper episodes. She makes it worth it! :)


I love her character she's so funny and awkward I'm so glad there bringing her back for this episode I can't wait to watch it.

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