The Client List Review: Crossing the Line

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With money troubles continually piling up, Riley came crossed the line into prostitution as a way to get out in "I Ain't Broke But I'm Badly Bent."

Is It a Date?

With fifty grand on the table and an invite from Cougar Town’s Josh Hopkins, it’s really no surprise Riley decided to go through with it. It certainly could be worse.

That’s not to deny what a pivotal moment just took place on The Client List. The series is based on a prostitution ring; it’s never been an issue of if Riley and her girls would cross the line, but a matter of when.

It’s a good reminder of the quote brought up last week:

Client: People think it's the lack of monogamy that breaks tears marriages apart, but it's the lack of trust. I can't imagine finding out that the person you share your life with has been living a lie. | permalink

Riley does all of these illegal practices with the best intentions, bu -  except for a few people in her inner circle - everyone assumes she’s just gives out massages. It’s the perfect cover, but it leaves Riley laden with emotional and physical stress. All of that came to a head as she went just a little deeper into her secret world tonight, and her scrubbing down in the shower immediately afterward puts it best: she’s ashamed, she’s scared and she might be in over her head.

Riley has only slept with Kyle - and she’s broken the monogamy and the trust with him. While I personally have no vested interest in Kyle and was actively rooting for him to get killed prison, Riley, on the other hand, wants to keep her marriage together for her children and the memories of her good times with her husband... yet she’s going against what she believes in to keep her family together.

Her morals and her reality are being pushed against each other and it can only go so far before it pulls apart.

With Kyle being released from jail, there's no telling what happens next. But it won't be pretty. Here’s hoping he does something stupid that gets him killed or sent back to prison so Evan can come back into the picture.

Evan is beginning to grow closer to his academy partner, and, while I’m sure she’s nice and all, I would much prefer Evan continue trying with Riley. For the plot, I understand the desire to push Riley and Evan further apart and back to their respective corners, but does that mean Evan needs to be shut out completely? He’s been a stand up guy to Riley and her children, and even if Riley doesn’t want to start something, the least she can do is engage in some polite small talk instead of running him out of the room with some awkward silence.


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I believe happy endings have always gone on in massage spas, even in ones most didn't suspect.


Yeah, this show has stepped over the line for me as far as entertainment versus sheer stupidity. Even worse, now they are forcing a singing Love-Hewett upon us.


Oh good grief. You knew going in what the show was about, right? Why act surprised when it goes there? And FWIW, I thought Josh Hopkins was yummy and VERY sincere. He really seemed to like Riley for who she was; not just for the fantasy. I can see him being a continuing character because he can't get her out of his head. And I would be in favor of that! If she can't be with Kyle, then this guy is a very interesting second!


Is it also required in every episode for at least two people to tell Riley how pretty she is? I also live in Houston and it bugs me how they portray Beaumont as being just a short little commute where Riley can run home any time she wants. I've never liked the prostitution angle and how everyone thinks it's ok but then Riley has such high morals and gets offended any time someone else does the slightest questionable thing.


I agree with Christine, it does glamorize the world's oldest profession. They need to have a disclaimer at the beginning of every episode. Even though the guy had his 'reasons' for wanting Riley, he was pretty skeevy, and they chose the right person to play the skeevy guy. Josh Hopkins has skeevy written all over him. Ugh I wish they could have chosen someone else to play that part.
I like this show because they are really fast with the drama. Its very good. And it also is in line with the movie. At some point in the movie Riley starts to sleep with clients.


and one more thing i really hate. Its how this show actually glamorizes prostitution. as if every client was a total hunk of a man who is just a troubled soul. This is the exact opposite of what it actually is. I find this dangerous as a lot of young girls watch this show thinking wow this kind of money and all the johns are studs ...


Riley is so getting oin my nerves ... she makes bad decision after bad decision like dumping Evan for this ugly so called husband of hers which btw i find totaölly unbelievable. Now shes a full blown prostitute whos lying to everyone around and she is deleting the good influences in her life like Evan out. And she claims thats for the good of kids ? I kinda have lost all respect for her and while i had pitty for her before now its turning into disdain.

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