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I agree with the comment that the show is becoming too unrealistic. It seems like there should be an ending to this series and there is no way a serial killer with a following like this should go on and on and on.


I agree with others who are frustrated by the FBI's incompetence on this show. We wouldn't have these problems if Jack ("24") Bauer were running things. Ryan Hardy could learn a thing or two from Bauer.


I hate this show for it's repetitive unreal failures of law enforcement, and chases in the dark. However, I keep watching. I am hoping somewhere there will be a huge TWIST, and I say.. AH HA.. DAMN.. But I don't think that is going to happen. My guess, Mike is Ryan Hardy's Follower. I think that's why Joe didn't kill him. Which means yet another person swayed by a serial killer. The good guys need a solid win.


I really loved this show from it's begging but they started to get a bit to sloppy and unrealistic.
I mean THE CORE of the show is the Ryan-Joe chemistry and that is the best functioning part of the show. The more they go into their connection it's better.
Mike Weston went mad here and I liked it. I really get him I was terrified while watching them beat him up 4-5 eps ago.
Clair vs Emma was a good one! I liked they showed how strong and Clair was and she wants to fight.
I don't like Jacob's transformation. I hoped he become a spy but this is fine as well. he pull's it off.


"It's as if a struggle to stay on the good side is made more difficult with each move made."

This is a recurring theme -- not only that it's tough to stay on the Light Side, but that the Dark Side is very seductive. As Sean said, both Mike and Claire flirt with the Dark Side. Not only does Claire attack and threaten to kill Emma -- she also takes pokes at Joe's plan, as if she wants to tell him how to do it better (which is to say, worse).

On the other hand, the only characters that come across as authentically creepy are Roderick and Emma. Joe doesn't make any sense as a character, and Jacob's killer conversion isn't very convincing either. (On the other hand, his sobbing at the end of the ep suggests that he hasn't convinced himself, either.)

One of the highlights of the episode was Roderick's conversation with Claire. He explained why he felt at home with his fellow killers, and they communicated their shared mistrust of Joe. Romance blooms?

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