The Mentalist Review: The Love Doctor

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Turns out Wayne Rigsby was in need of more than just some "Red Velvet Cupcakes," although with his penchant for eating on the job, it was no surprise he tried to steal one of the delectable looking treats from the victim's kitchen. 

Is Rigsby in Love?

This installment of The Mentalist was fun from start to finish as Jane got to comment on everything from dieting to fetishes; and a long-stalled relationship finally moved forward. 

I felt for the murder victim. Missy was determined to save her crumbling marriage but her husband was cheating, her counselor became obsessed with her feet and his wife shot her in a jealous rage. Talk about lousy luck.

Yet her loss was our gain as it gifted us with some wonderfully amusing moments. 

First was Lisbon prodding Jane out of his attic. When telling him he could deal with Red John later didn't work, she took a different route…

Lisbon: Jane, I need you.
Jane: It's nice to be needed. Anything for you Lisbon. | permalink

That certainly got his attention.

Who wouldn't love Patrick Jane as a radio DJ? He certainly has the voice for it, not to mention he knew people would do almost anything to win a prize, no matter what it was.

The look on Lisbon's face when she found Kip tied up in the jungle room was priceless. When Jane jokingly called the whole set up classy I couldn't help but laugh. 

I loved that Cho got to interrogate Kip. He's just so matter of fact that nothing Kip said about his affair with the passionate personal trainer could possibly surprise him. But when Cho said that the heart wants what the heart wants, I couldn't help but wonder if the heart was really the pertinent part of the anatomy in Kip's situation.

Wayne and Grace finally having an open conversation about their relationship was long overdue. It was satisfying to see them being honest about their history. From Rigsby's wounded expression when he accused Van Pelt of breaking up with him the first time because the job was more important to her than he was to Van Pelt's frustration over him getting some other woman pregnant, the two finally voiced what they felt.

Of course Wayne continually harping on Grace's homicidal maniac of a fiance was hysterical. It's hard to live that one down.

Wayne looked so stunned when Grace showed up on his doorstep that I wasn't sure he'd pull it together and kiss the girl. And as much as I've waffled on whether I've wanted these two back together, I suddenly found myself rooting for them.

As for our suspect's foot fetish, weird though it may be it hadd me craving a foot massage. 

The best part was that it gave Jane the chance to rib Lisbon a little in this The Mentalist quote...

You want to talk to me about the whole foot fetish thing but the Catholic school girl in you tells you that it's not necessarily appropriate. | permalink

Even better was his prodding to find out what flips her switch. The moment, a cross between flirting and teasing put an absolutely delighted expression on Jane's face. He needs to have fun like that more often. I wouldn't mind at all if it were actually with Lisbon.


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@neha sorry. should have given you credit for the great idea about a long trial as a vehicle to show us more about the method to red john's madness. patrick could also be infuriated by not being able to kill red john and spend his time figuring out ways to kill red john in jail without being implicated. teresa could be the one who denied him his chance to kill rj and that would create a huge rift between them. that would be interesting. patrick could be the only person to actually witness red john killing someone. he would see it before teresa captured rj. patrick would then be a star witness in the rj trial and rj-keteers could be trying to kill him. rj swearing in prison that patrick won't live to talk.


i love love love the idea of getting more info on rj during a trial or just in a switch of focus. like pj or lisbon taken and held in rj's world. we see rj's world but not him. could be a great way for the writers (and me) to have their cake and eat it too.


@watcher agree the writers have been very inconsistent. just read something in which daniel cerone talks about how the writers are tying up yet another loose end besides the tupperware question. cerone was acting all proud that it's one of the balls they aren't dropping. ??? what does he want, a biscuit? we'll have to disagree on black cherry and rigsby's dad. i admit i can't think of a bad rj ep. though strawberries and cream was really padded - think they had a hard time sustaining 2 hours. thought lorelei was great. she got me through the year. kirkland interesting. but all in such pitifully small portions. i know that plenty of other people want rj to end. if they get their wish, i think we'll see the whole thing unravel. my question is, what will they have left? what's the concept? what makes patrick continue being a crime fighter? what drives him now? loved that he was using the job as a way to catch rj. such an elegant idea. what replaces it?


What might be the psychological implication of the book Jane was reading - A tale of two cities? The book has a love story, the female character loved by two men, one sys he's unworthy of her love and backs away, and the other marries her, but hides a secret.In the end, the first sacrifices his life to save the second's life and the happiness of the lady.As far as I can recall :))


As for me I love both RJ and nonRJ eps. The RJ eps generally have a lot of drama and suspense while the nonRJ eps give Simon a chance to show off his acting skills in funny as well as dramatic ways. It's the plot holes that irritate me. The writers start something interesting with a character, then drop it for no apparent reason. Or they get incoherent so some story arcs don't make much sense. Simon said some of the episodes are "ridiculous but it's all part of the fun and the games." Now one of the writers has decided to open that Tupperware box, after earlier writers let that mystery go, having put it in just to give Jane a way to get LaRoche's list. So now the writer is just making up something totally new! That is the ONLY thing about TM that bothers me.


Totally agree with your point of view, Watcher. Well-stated! @KM YW! :)


One more point. Some non-RJ episodes are fantastic and better than most RJ episodes. Red Velvet Cupcakes is the most recent example. WONDERFUL episode IMO. I also thought Black Cherry and the episode with Rigsby's father were great this year. Some RJ episodes are fantastic. His Red Right Hand and Strawberries and Cream are the best, IMO. (notice they are both from earlier seasons) I think there are also very poor examples of each. Of course, we can point to more bad non-RJ centric episodes, but that is only because the majority of the episodes are not-RJ centric, which gives the writers more opportunities to screw up. Bottom line is the writers are very inconsistent. They write some beautiful episodes and some real clunkers in both categories. That is the real problem...not the focus of the individual episodes. There are MANY different ways this show can be excellent. But only if the writers are up to the challenge.


nice, sad video @entwife.
I wish the writers have done more for the show, so they could let at least a little thread for aftetwards when Rj is killed/caught.


I think it is clear that there are very divergent opinions on the issue of RJ vs non-RJ episodes. Yes, there are plenty of people like HC who see no depth without it. But trust me, I am not the only person who wants the RJ story to end. There are plenty of us out there...many on other sites. If the RJ arc had been better written without the holes, I would like it more. But, especially in the last couple of seasons, I would argue that the RJ episodes have been very weak. I thought the entire Lorelei arc was poorly done. I know most of you disagree with me, but that's how I feel. Bottom line is we really have no say in it. The writers have been trying to keep everybody happy, and as a result nobody is perfectly happy. Some people think there is too much RJ, others not enough. The writers should have just picked one strategy earlier and let the chips fall where they may. Just my 2 cents


Thanks @ Entwife.

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