The Mentalist Review: The Love Doctor

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Turns out Wayne Rigsby was in need of more than just some "Red Velvet Cupcakes," although with his penchant for eating on the job, it was no surprise he tried to steal one of the delectable looking treats from the victim's kitchen. 

Is Rigsby in Love?

This installment of The Mentalist was fun from start to finish as Jane got to comment on everything from dieting to fetishes; and a long-stalled relationship finally moved forward. 

I felt for the murder victim. Missy was determined to save her crumbling marriage but her husband was cheating, her counselor became obsessed with her feet and his wife shot her in a jealous rage. Talk about lousy luck.

Yet her loss was our gain as it gifted us with some wonderfully amusing moments. 

First was Lisbon prodding Jane out of his attic. When telling him he could deal with Red John later didn't work, she took a different route…

Lisbon: Jane, I need you.
Jane: It's nice to be needed. Anything for you Lisbon. | permalink

That certainly got his attention.

Who wouldn't love Patrick Jane as a radio DJ? He certainly has the voice for it, not to mention he knew people would do almost anything to win a prize, no matter what it was.

The look on Lisbon's face when she found Kip tied up in the jungle room was priceless. When Jane jokingly called the whole set up classy I couldn't help but laugh. 

I loved that Cho got to interrogate Kip. He's just so matter of fact that nothing Kip said about his affair with the passionate personal trainer could possibly surprise him. But when Cho said that the heart wants what the heart wants, I couldn't help but wonder if the heart was really the pertinent part of the anatomy in Kip's situation.

Wayne and Grace finally having an open conversation about their relationship was long overdue. It was satisfying to see them being honest about their history. From Rigsby's wounded expression when he accused Van Pelt of breaking up with him the first time because the job was more important to her than he was to Van Pelt's frustration over him getting some other woman pregnant, the two finally voiced what they felt.

Of course Wayne continually harping on Grace's homicidal maniac of a fiance was hysterical. It's hard to live that one down.

Wayne looked so stunned when Grace showed up on his doorstep that I wasn't sure he'd pull it together and kiss the girl. And as much as I've waffled on whether I've wanted these two back together, I suddenly found myself rooting for them.

As for our suspect's foot fetish, weird though it may be it hadd me craving a foot massage. 

The best part was that it gave Jane the chance to rib Lisbon a little in this The Mentalist quote...

You want to talk to me about the whole foot fetish thing but the Catholic school girl in you tells you that it's not necessarily appropriate. | permalink

Even better was his prodding to find out what flips her switch. The moment, a cross between flirting and teasing put an absolutely delighted expression on Jane's face. He needs to have fun like that more often. I wouldn't mind at all if it were actually with Lisbon.


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I have no taste. I don't think that the non-RJ episodes suck. But, I like episodes that focus on the other members of the team. I don't agree that the segments with Kirkland saved 'Red Letter Day', the story actually connected to previous episode that were RJ focused from earlier seasons. But, maybe I view the episodes through strange eyes. Possibly both foolish and willfully in denial, but there is always more to a stand alone episode to see, especially if you look at themes. Take incest, three TM episodes have had incest linked to the crime: The Pilot, Red John's Friends, Red Letter Day.
My gut is that most everyone involved with The Mentalist is ready to move on career wise, they have new avenues that they would like to explore, and thus everything is coming to a close. I don't see anything beyond the catching or death of Red John. No follow up. No trial. I would not mind those. I just don't see it as ever being part of the story board. Not trying to be pessimistic, just reality oriented.


wow. ouch. angst. but somehow, good.


I agree @hc, without RJ it's almost impossible for me to think of patrick Jane with the depth that the character has. It might also be b/c we have never experienced him without that deep emotion he has inside him in reference to RJ. It's safe to say the episodes without RJ arc have sucked lately and the only thing getting people through them is knowing the finale would be RJ centric. Although, catching RJ in s6 and proving his guilt in court most of s7 would also be a good way to keep us going. I don't know if any of you have watched bones? I was watching some old episodes and they did that with a serial killer in that show. They caught her, but they kept the story going by showing how smart and psycho she wa at the same time by showing the trial. They kept that in the background, there was still a murder of the week. I feel like if they did that in TM , it would be super exciting to actually let the audience see RJ and show them what is made of.


my opinion, forced to think about a future w/o rj, patrick is the only one who can carry the show. a teresa episode that heavily involves patrick can work. i.e. red badge but not where in the world is carmine o'brien or red snapper. cho is best when relating to patrick. i.e. jane: we have to find a house for sale. cho: ok. a grace/jane combo is ok. re: rigsby - sorry i can't even look at him. that caveman brow and the little pursed lips that get smaller when he tries acting. i go back to my mournful whine that the writers should have created a richer red john experience over the last few years. actively weaving his way into patrick's life. every episode should have had at least bookends of rj content. i.e. kirkland stealing jane's stuff saved red letter day from ignominy. the non-rj eps mostly blow. with rj gone they will blow harder. what carries me through them is thinking about how hurt patrick is inside. once rj is gone, he won't have the same poignancy. tragedy is a necessity.


erm yes it's me but I dont know why you can't post, I have to look. actually I dont use it very often..I have to put up things..


@Mimi Is that your Tumblr, Patrick Jane Lover? I can't see how to comment or say hi or ask a question.


I also love the RJ arc but I'd like to see how the show would evolve once it has ended. It would be amazing to have a 7th season RJ free, it could end with RJ being caught and the next season would focus on jisbon for ex and a new rel for Cho.. Entwife in that scene I can only see Jane's reflection.


@Mimi Yes we've spoken about the scene in Red John's Friends with (possibly) Red John's reflection on the monitor. I can't find a youtube clip of it or I'd put a link.


@huisclothes that picture is priceless, the guys touching Simon's hair. And the most priceless part to me is Simon letting them and enjoying so much. He looks like he's about to dissolve into a hopeless puddle of giggles. He's so entirely adorable. Thanks for the link! I want to be clear. I don't dislike the RJ arc. I LOVE the RJ arc, as long and drawn out as it's been. But if you think about it, until recently, just how many RJ-heavy episodes do we get in a season? There's so much more to the show. I guess the biggest contribution it makes is to the angst of Patrick Jane and thus of Teresa Lisbon. And I have to admit, that is a very big deal. But it's okay for it to be relieved now.


hi huisclothes thanks for the pic, he's cute!!
I want to see I give it a year again! if the cinema wasnt so far I'd go again but it's right in the centre and the parking fare is just so expensive. I hope it's out on DVD soon!
I think I read on a simon forum that a fan watched "something new" in the cinema at least 30 times lol

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We've got a case. You can deal with Red John later.


You don't hire a personal trainer because you like strenuous activity. You hire a personal trainer because it's the only way to get yourself to do it.