The Mentalist Review: The Mystery in the Tupperware

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"Red and Itchy" featured everything you could want in an episode of The Mentalist: A compelling mystery, great teamwork and lots fun banter. 

Throw in Patrick Jane working hand in hand with J.J. LaRoche and how could you lose?

Jane's Unexpected Partner

Did you see how Jane immediately perked up when he heard that LaRoche was asking for him? He couldn't resist that. Not even the hunt for Red John could keep him away.

It was all of the little things about the opening crime scene that I enjoyed. Jane noticing that the Hummels were broken. Rigsby holding LaRoche's dog. And finding out that Lisbon is not a canine lover, or perhaps it's that they don't like her.

LaRoche looked so distraught sitting in that ambulance as he accused Jane of being his puppet master. Jane's response and LaRoche's reply in this The Mentalist quote spoke to the odd affection that seems to have grown between the two…

Jane: I never thought of you as a puppet.
LaRoche: You ever thought of me as a friend? | permalink

I loved watching these two men together.  They're both such odd ducks that their relationship is strangely refreshing.

But everyone provided us with great banter in this episode. From Teresa, Wayne and Grace discussing the pros and cons of Tupperware... to Jane comparing LaRoche to a Sharpei puppy, every conversation alluded to a comfort and affection they all had for one another.

And then there was Jane calling Lisbon sexy. Of course he also referred to her as a spinster in the same sentence but I'll settle for the little things.

When Sayney's ex-cellmate mentioned how quiet he was, that's when I knew what was in the box. LaRoche's mother begged for mercy for hours. LaRoche made sure her rapist would never be able to beg for anything ever again.

I did find it amusing that Jane was so concerned for LaRoche's privacy, considering all of this started with him hiring a petty thief to break into the man's home.

As for Brenda, it was about time they took down the evil witch. Whose pocket wasn't she in? Miguel, Volker... maybe Red John?

Other Notes:

  • Lisbon did six months of anger management for covering Jane's butt. That would make me angry.
  • I couldn't believe Jane locked the poor cat in the safe. I was yelling, No, no no! as he shut the door.
  • LaRoche looking down at his belly as Jane said he'd be happy to rub it was hysterical.
  • Lisbon telling the team, "Bye, bye. Bring back a drug lord," may have been even funnier.

So is this the last we'll see of LaRoche? I certainly hope not. Do you think Brenda is the only leak in the CBI? And what are your guesses for the final seven Red John suspects. Speculate away as we fast approach The Mentalist season 5 finale, previewed here:


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@km it is indeed a great comfort that filming starts up in july. wonder if simon's in australia relaxing in his vintage home?


imagine her putting her hand on his shoulder and him just looking at her until she removed it. gahhh.


@entwife guess i would pick lisbon to get turned down. it would maintain patrick as the sought-after one in the relationship - he has to be the obscure object of desire for the series to work. even though he blurted to teresa in the last finale, when she asked about it, he twisted it around so she was left hanging. also lisbon has such great powers of denial, it would be interesting to see her try to stomp that garbage down in the can day after day.


no, it's pre finale jitters, half are afraid someone they love will be killed or hurt or kidnapped, the other half are pining for real Jisbon and there's other in there that think it'll be a plot let down. I'm just talking about TM postings I've seen. I'm sure most of tumblr is doing something else lol


Did you know there's a plaque at Reichenbach Falls commemorating the death of Sherlock Holmes going over the falls to his death with Moriarity? Someone commented on the posted photo: A plaque for the death of two people who never existed. I love everything about this. This type of fandom has been going on a long time. I still can't pick either Jane or Lisbon to get turned down, HC, either one would be awful. Who do you pick?


@entwife i love that answer. i don't know nuthin bout birthin no babies. :D
why are people flipping out on tumblr? because they saw the finale?


Okay @huisclothes I've recovered. Just messing around. :-)


oops, sorry, misunderstood and I just found your tweet! Yay! The more the merrier! Thanks for the support @KM


@ Entwife,
I responded to your Twitter comment. Sorry for the confusion. I have many hours until I see the episode.


@ Pahometowner,
I remembered correctly then. We'll just have to enjoy our weather. @huisclothes and @Pahometowner,
I take comfort that filming starts in July, so while I can't watch the episodes, I know they are being made. Maybe they will replay some episodes?

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