The Mindy Project Review: Excess Baggage

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The Mindy Project tends to deliver week in and week out, much like tonight's guest star Clay Matthews does for his Green Bay Packers. But with "Santa Fe," unfortunately, I think the show fumbled the ball big time. 

I know it's network television, but are we really supposed to believe Casey and Mindy just lay around in bed without the slightest bit of skin showing? Their chemistry was as hot as their pajamas. Mindy's pillow talk has never been the normal run of the mill chit chat, but asking Casey if he would avenge the murder of their fictional children was just bizarre. 

Mindy Flies to Santa Fe

I certainly can see Mindy as an excessive packer on trips, but there is no way she would have made it on the plane with that suitcase. Meanwhile, Jeremy and Morgan got chummy on the place while having a few laughs at Danny's expense. Then, once at the conference, Morgan was persona non grata? I'm surprised Jeremy was even sitting next to Morgan in the first place. Doesn't he seem like a guy who would fly first class while his coworkers rode back in coach? That scenario could have yielded some funny scenes, a la Bridesmaids.

The entire rehab scene was pretty soft, aside from Clay Matthews chiseled jaw. Although hearing him give Josh an update on Downton Abbey was sort of funny. 

Jeremy catching up with Morgan in the sweat lodge could have been epic. All kinds of Young Guns quotes and references from The Doors came to mind. All we got, though, was Jeremy poking some fat naked guy with a stick, which did not produce the same laughs as when Joey did something similar on Friends.

Once back at the conference, Jeremy blew the presentation, all while sporting lips like Tyrone Biggums. it was also an off night for Morgan, but watching him punch the picture of the giant uterus was one of the few parts of the episode I liked. 

Overall it was an off week, but as the episode came to a close we got our first glimpse of Danny's ex-wife Christina, played by Chloe Sevigny of American Horror Story fame (most recently). Hopefully our group of doctors can find a cure for what ailed them this week and regain their normal form next week.


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what????? i thought this episode was great - laugh out loud funny (except anything with morgan)- and this is coming from a person who is normally pretty critical of the mindy project


Completely disagree. Why is it so unbelievable that some people arent fans of showing skin unnecessarily? I applaud this show for not overdoing the sexiness and cleavage. I thought Casey and Mindy were hilarious and seeing as I dont like Morgan at all that entire storyline made sense. Jeremy is about show and Morgan is embarrassing. At home is one thing but at a conference of your peers....I'm not even sure why Morgan was there in the first place.


chris o hara, u re the dumbest reviewer. i completely disagree with your review. what a filthy cunt!!!!


I completely disagree with this review. I thought it was the best episode to date. This review is way too harsh. I thought morgan was amazing this episode , so I don't see where he seemed off.


Completely agree with this review.
I never liked this show in the first place. I wanted to give it a chance and watch more episodes....I still don't like it. In fact, to me, its terrible. I wont be watching anymore.

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