The Originals Preview: I Want to Be King

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So... is it next Thursday yet?

Toward the end of last night's Vampire Diaries episode, fans were treated to an extended look at "The Originals," the wildly anticipated backdoor pilot that will take viewers to New Orleans and into what appears to be an especially crazy, non-stop party. Even for that city.

It's run by Klaus' former protege, Marcel, who has created a Utopia for supernatural beings. How has he accomplished such a feat? That's what Klaus wants to know.

How can the mentor take over as king? That's what Klaus plans on finding out. Watch the terrific preview now:

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I can't wait to see!!! Team klaus all the way


why didn't Damon and Stefan run into this supernatural community when they were just in New Orleans a couple of episodes ago ? .... that seems rather odd.


Im in!Looks awesome and can't wait!!


I'm still hoping they kill off Hayley asap and replace her spot on the new show with Caroline ... that would be perfect. A girl can dream.


but why would Becca and Elijah stay around???? and Hayley? Let's see. To tame that crayola son of a bitch

David and sabrina 2014

Of course there's going to be a lot of surprising twists and turns throughout the spinoff of the originals but the show will never get better if the main characters can't seem to find a solution. ;P ;P

Spindae 2o

it looks pretty intriguing. he is probably Klauses first vamp child and most powerful almost equal to him. especially if he is "charmed". but why would Becca and Elijah stay around???? and Hayley? Let's see.

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Katherine: The one and only... sort of.

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